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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   training insights : bodybuilding, P90x, crossfit, train like an athlete  

2/17/2011 07:42
Posted By:  - BOULDER, CO  
Date Posted: 2/17/2011 07:42

just thought i'd do a quick post on workout protocols. what works, what doesn't...or perhaps, what works better.

of course it all depends on your goal. first and foremost, if you want to look good it's 99% DIET. p90x, cardio, all that stuff will help but you really can't train your way to a beautiful body -- this is the number one mistake i see most people making...too much cardio! if you want to lose fat and uncover those beautiful muscles, watch your diet and eat clean. crossfitters work out harder than anyone but honestly what does crossfit do for you? makes you good at crossfit. doesn't create a beautiful body. that may be exactly what you're after -- i don't want to slam crossfit. in fact, i do a crossfit workout 1-2 times a month (in general i find them too catabolic). but the point is, a beautiful body is all about what you put into it, not what you put it through!

traditional bodybuilding workouts are fine if you're young and after a little muscle, but as you age there tends to be too much volume and it becomes easy to overtrain.

p90x and crossfit are good protocols to increase overall fitness and maybe drop a couple of pounds. note, crossfit is so extreme it will put your metabolism into overdrive and you will want to eat eat eat! you will not get 'ripped' on crossfit, in fact you will probably get a little "fleshy" even as your overall fitness level improves.

all this said, i have a SECRET i want to share. i have read where it was called "train like an athlete, look like a bodybuilder". it is a wonderful combination of increasing performance and decreasing overtraining...which allows your body to heal and repair...which honestly makes it look pretty good.

this protocol is based on 3 rep sets, 80-90% of maximum poundages. 5-10 sets after warmups. lift explosively with stress on the concentric phase and minimize the eccentric resistance. leave the gym feeling like your muscles worked but you're not exhausted. as a rule of thumb, work out only enough that you will feel like you could come back in to workout after an hour or so after you leave the gym. this protocol stresses the basic movements with little assistance work. i'm in and out of the gym in 30-40 minutes, including my cardio (10 minute walk is all i do). the goal is to keep your nervous system charged and fresh, and to minimize overtraining your muscles. i've made the best gains of my life (beyond when i first started working out at 18) using this approach. you can actually work out more often because you aren't constantly overtraining. i will bench and or squat 2-3 times a week now when before it was less often because of soreness and fatigue. give it a shot, and feel free to perve our pics and email me questions. mr.

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