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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Improving Coordination  

4/23/2011 15:28
Posted By:  - SANTA ANA, CA  
Date Posted: 4/23/2011 15:28
   Can anyone suggest techniques/exercises for improving eye/hand/body coordination?

A few years ago I started belly dancing to improve the way I move and it helped tremendously.  I've always been able to walk gracefully in heels, despite being somewhat clumsy in flats.  But when it comes to specific work out routines like Zumba or other dance/cardio programs, I'm  a step behind, long arms and legs flailing.   Body, I can move well.  Arms and legs?  not so much.

I recently started kick boxing to improve strength and stamina, but damn...it's so difficult to do repeated sets of kicks without losing my balance.  Doing bear crawls swiftly, with people behind is pretty much entertainment for anyone watching.  I'm enjoying the results, but I cannot imagine doing this for long because I'm afraid I'm going to injure myself falling on my ass or doing a roundhouse kick.  Not to mention, at some level, I just know the instructors are thinking..."DAMN....she's like a flightless bird"     It's a gym, I don't care *now* that I might look silly, I'm still learning,  but at some point...EGO will set in and I will become self conscious.

I'd like to pull it together before I become frustrated.


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