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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Success with ART and/or Graston Techniques for shoulder/back issues?   

6/1/2011 15:15
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 6/1/2011 15:15
   Has anyone who has had a back or shoulder related issue ever gotten ART (Active Release Therapy) or the Graston Technqiue and had it work? What was your specific ailment?  There is a clinic in the downtown area of CHicago that does these treatments and they claim most issues can have significant improvement after only a few visits. Of course I am always skeptical of that kind of claim. 

I have had shoulder impingement on the right shoulder for over a year. It was under control through some very specific exercises I was doing that a boxing / MMA trainer gave me but now the left side has a similar issue.  By the way, the traditional PT and cortisone shots for my right shoulder never worked, it did not get any better until I saw one particular chiro guy who showed me some unique stretch band stuff and then started working with a boxing / MMA trainer as noted. 

A friend recommended muscle relaxers which I am about to finish and then rest and then resume light weight training but I am wondering how well it is going to work now that both shoulders are having issues.

Thanks - I really appreciate any feedback anyone can offer on their experiences with these techniques. 


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