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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Toning/weight loss w/ restrictions  

8/10/2011 16:08
Posted By:  - LAHAINA, HI  
Date Posted: 8/10/2011 16:08
   I know, I know......famous ? on how to lose weight and tone?!! I KNOW how but just looking for extra tips from those of you who have recently gone through this.  Cut carbs, sugar, eat lots of veggies, fruits, cut alcohol, cardio and strengh training!! See....I know what to do :)  But obviously I don't :(

I have always been "normal" size.  I had a hysterectomy a year ago and have gained 15 lbs.  Everyone says they can't tell or that I"m making it up but the truth of the matter is I CAN TELL!!! My clothes are tighter and I just feel blah.  I've alwyas had a self image issue and wanted to be perfect growing up.  I don't want to be perfect because there is no such thing.  I want to be comfortable in my own body and right now I"m not.  My doctor says I'm perfectly healthy, normal proportions but again, I want my clothes to fit!! I would be super happy just to lose the 10 to 15 lbs after my hysterectomy! 

So.....I'm looking for help with ideas....Few pot holes that can be worked around.  1) I have a fused right shoulder so VERY limited motion in right arm.  I can't raise it above my chin so push ups and upper body strengthing routines are difficult BUT doable if I can fine the right ones. :)  2) Diet....I am celiac so no wheat/gluten  I also have a lot of food allergies including shelfish, tree nuts, peanuts and all fruits and veggies related to birch trees.  ( I never meant to be so difficult!!) I grew up not being allergic to anything!! 

I realize there is no miracle! I realize it takes a lot of hard work and I need to be completely dedicated.  I am just looking for any extra tips/hints/suggestions anyone may have! 

I want to get my sexy on again!!!!!  :)


Mrs. Voyeur

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