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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
 Originator Date Posted 
   WTF moment at the gym...  

5/4/2012 17:17
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 5/4/2012 17:17
   So after months of craziness at work I finally got things running smoothly and  got myself back on track to hit the gym regularly...I cleaned up my diet, increased the protein intake and started using some basic supplements again. After 4 weeks i am down 8 pounds and am starting to see my stomach muscles (at the very top-lol) again....and then I went to the gym over the weekend....grabbed a couple of dumbbells to do the chest and.....WTF.....I can't lift my regular weight that I normally have no problem with on first set with up to 12 reps passed the 6th rep!...on 2nd set I could barely do 3!....
At first I thought nothing of it thought maybe I am having a bad day...but then...the next day same thing happened when I was doing biceps....the following day with shoulders and then the next day with my back! in 20 years I have been working out this has never happened to me....(but also in 20 years I never have been so inconsistent with my gym routine as I was prior to these last 4 weeks....)

Did I tear up my muscles too quickly? Is it the diet combined with cardio on empty stomach? (switching between, walking, biking, stair climbing and running) Is it the supplements? (I have been talking mulit vitamins, msm, glutamine and BCAA regularly) Not enough protein in my diet? (I have been taking in 150-200 grams a day on 40/40/20 split)....OR....am I simply...GETTING OLD?

Any ideas? Suggestions?


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