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Forum Category: Health and Fitness
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   Gym etiquette and Violent Encounters @ Gym   

3/8/2013 01:24
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 3/8/2013 01:24
   Alright I must admit, i hyped the title by using the word "violent" I should have said Confrontational encounter :P
Anyways today, unlike most days, had the pleasure of going to the gym @ Rush hour, well not quite so since it was a 
Thurs afternoon 6pm'ish or so,....as i was minding my own business doing a few dips my towel resting in the bar and my backpack clearly visible right below I suddenly become thirsty so i turn around and go get a sip of water in the fountain a few feet away. As i turn back around i see this "jacked old fellow" 50-55ish gray hair tank top and tighty spandex climb up and start doing calf raises and dips in the machine i am in (take it this happens within 10 secs) So i decide to let him do his set and grab the machine right next to Us and stretch arms....As soon as he finishes his set I approach him and ask him  " hey ma man is it cool if i finish up my set of dips" he then looks to the side and says "No, im on it" At this point i smirk and simply point to my things and proceed to mentions "you do know i just went to sip some water and was using this, right" He then proceeds to mentions "well you left and you dont own This"....at this point i become a little irritated and aggravated raise my voice and start telling him " I am not being a dick dude i just politely asked you if i can finish my set on the machine i was on" .....somehow he turns it on me and says "I think you are intending to be one (a dick), " he looks around and looks at a guy and says "can you believe this".  Anyways I look around people are staring and i feel myself get even more aggravated so i check myself and yell out "alright ........you know what ....its alright.......have it old man"  

Take it my next few tricep curls felt strangely light  :q I WONDER WHY ......

anyways a few mins later i come back and ask the guy next to me on the other dip bar if could jump in real quick ..he says ofcourse man i was going to offer you to jump in before but you left ...i simply told him i had to dude i was not about to get into a fight with an Old man

Anyways, was curious to know if anyone else has had similar "situations"...I will admit i was a lil livid after but now it just seems silly


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