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   If you knew ahead that the boss was going to shit can you ?   

4/8/2011 15:14
Posted By:  - OTTAWA, IL  
Date Posted: 4/8/2011 15:14
   Here is what happened a co-worker F-upped at work by not working safely . Yes very serious where I work. He is worried about getting fired. So I have access to the work schedule ( not supposed to but IT messed up) so I look a day ahead to see who took days off, or fired. His name was placed high lighted on the bottom next to employees with days off. So I go a day ahead his name is no where. So I tell him (who is expecting on it ) your number is up if I was You I would call in use up sick days since company doesn't pay them out if your fired. Kinda get what you can from them. Am I wrong by thinking this way. I think a few others if known ahead would went out little more exciting :)

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