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   the perfect female specimen must have   

4/12/2011 21:39
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 4/12/2011 21:39
........according to some articles and most suburban and urban neighborhoods a nice FULL big round apple bottom. Well that is an observation ignorantely derived from the lenghts some woman are going to get a fuller nicer rounder "tracero". There was even something in the news about a female dying after receiving injections in her ass to plump it and make it more latina/black like. In movies/skits/comedy shows (ie dave chappelle/snl) some caucasian females are made fun off for having a pancake flat bottom withi no shape or fullness, but that doesnt appear to be the case anymore or so I've observed at gyms and malls. Butt implants now are as common as breast augmentations according to bbp.

Personaly being born in rio, Ive seen my share of beautiful woman from a very young age an  I have to say I have always been partly biased toward females possessing that "quality", or so it would seem looking at my track record of ex's. 

This to me is very interesting, there will always be that social norm of beauty to a women being very thin slim  and tall but that seems to be changing >:] and I for one think its for the good 

This forum post might be poorly worded. It might also be used for self advertisement. Might initiate a fun discussion. Might explicitly imply I have a big penis, might give the notion that I have a sense of humor and dont take myself too seriously ;p

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