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Forum Category: Off Topic
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   Personal attacks on LL  

5/10/2011 13:58
Posted By:  - BEVERLY HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 5/10/2011 13:58
   You know I really get tired of the personal attacks here on LL in these forums.  I'd like to think that this site represents the best of those in the lifestyle, and much of the time it does, but repeatedly people just have to get personal.  If the object is to chase away SM's then it's effective.

I've got more class than that and was hoping others would as well.  If we don't self-police then we only perpetuate what it is that's so distasteful.  Many years ago a friend of mine said something insightful:  The only thing a turd in a punch bowl attracts is other turds.  No wonder so many people avoid the forums.

I'm better than that.  Deja Vu why I shut my membership down the first time.  A few weeks to go and this one will expire.  Have fun and be safe...


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