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   Worst Air Travel Experience  

6/8/2011 17:41
Posted By:  - SAN RAFAEL,   
Date Posted: 6/8/2011 17:41
   Just got back from a long trip, exhausted and on the way home on a 5 hours flight, I am seated in the middle of three seats.  That is bad enough on a long flight but tolerable.  Soon after an elderly man was seated next to me in the isle seat and he smelled of urine.  Days old urine!!!  It was the worst!!  I had mixed emotions about who would leave him that way, how long he was left that way, who was he flying to see and what would they think of his smell when he arrived.  I would be very angry if my grandfather was left in such shape or mess I should say.  The smell was so profuse it seemed to permeate my clothing. 

Overriding all these thoughts was "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"  The thought of spending 5 hours smelling it, no way!  I was prepared to disembark and get a new flight or stay over a night if necessary.  

Luckily the flight attendant was able moved me but I still caught whiffs of it 7 rows up.  I could not imagine being all those surrounding passengers. 

Tell me your worst flight experience. 

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