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   Does that really work?  

6/8/2011 18:22
Posted By:  - MURRIETA, CA  
Date Posted: 6/8/2011 18:22
      The Weiner's weiner topic has been all over talk radio today.  Apparently the photo of the full erection has found it's way to cyberspace.  I don't want to make this a political discussion, so please avoid that aspect for the benefit of keeping the thread from being locked and/or sent to where ever those things go when they cross that line.  But I'd really like to know if that kind of thing actually works in the real world.  Do people actually do this kind of thing, and is it effective?
     The local midday host had a problem believing that this kind of thing is a regular occurrence out there in the real world.  He says he had a large volume of e-mail supporting that it's a normal and regular occurrence in todays society (at least in the LA listening area).  He even interviewed a guy who claimed to be a white collar corporate type guy who stated that it's almost so prevalent as to be a requirement to functioning in that environment.

     I realize that we, as swingers, play by a different set of rules, but I'd like to hear what the masses have to say about the practice in either or both the vanilla real world and/or in our little playground. 

     I've been occupying space on the planet for just over half a century and I'm not likely to get involved in any social media other than right here.  I should state that as a result of a thread asking if this was appropriate and or effective here on LL, some months ago,  I posted a Weiner type weiner pic preceded by a  warning of what was coming and have never had an indication either way weather or not it's increased or decreased my luck.  So I really don't have a clue.   How prevalent is this and does it lead to actual connections?   
     So, quoting one of the best, What say you?

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