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   For Father's Day. My favorite Father/Son & "Masculine" movie clips:  

6/19/2011 09:19
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 6/19/2011 09:19
   Some of my favorite movie clips about Fathers and/or all things "Masculine". Since we don't have a "Man's day" or anything like that, I just use today to post what I think are clips that really speak to the greatest virtues of a father and of all things masculine.

1. The Godfather - Michael and Vito; chat outside (subtitles  in Spanish, it was the quickest one I could find)

In this scene,  Vito Corleone, a larger than life icon, opens up to his son Michael about his motivations for what drove him to lead the life he did, his wishes for his son and regrets that there was not ample time.  Like any Father in any 'traditional' family, Vito had had certain aspirations for the next generation.

 Here the normally stoic invulnerable Vito is now comforted by his son being reminded that this goal will be realized even if not during Vito's life time. Brilliant father/son interaction. He also shares an important value with his son that is often lost in our modern society, one that is applicable to all people but is particularly masculine: ("..I refused to be a fool dancing on a string held by all those big shots".)

One must wonder what the lives of most men would be like if they could have these kind of conversations with their fathers. 

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