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 Originator Date Posted 
   July 4th 2011  

7/3/2011 14:02
Posted By:  - DUVALL, WA  
Date Posted: 7/3/2011 14:02
   Today is actually the real anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, but tomorrow is standard and close enough. The nation we live is in actually only partly influenced by what those 13 colonies did 235 years ago; having been shaped by growth, war, expansion, and everything in between then and now. But we celebrate. We celebrate a popular fantasy of what it all means, a popular religion and myths of who and what we are (or should be). No matter. WE celebrate and that's the beauty of it.

July 4th 1969, I married my first wife, in Washington DC, fireworks for our honeymoon. I wanted to be President back in those days. July 4th 2011 my divorce and debts to my last wife are done and over. Independence Day for me in many ways.

I am not sure how I will celebrate. Chinese fireworks and Russian overtures written for French Generals... not so much, although I loved Boston Harbor on July 4th 2001 with half-a-million fellow Americans ooh-ahh-ing the display and the music. I will probably put American Flags around my garden out front, you know the little ones on sticks, and string some red-white-and blue outdoor lights to help the neighbors get in the mood.  

Picnic-ing with family and friends sounds nice but my family is 1000 miles west and my friends are 1000 miles north of here. So I am going to give my Angel control and see where she leads me. It's always amazing when I do that. And my love for this country and her people and principles and history runs deep and is honest. I am not ashamed of that.  Others pick up on it.

How is everyone going to celebrate our 235th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence tomorrow? Any suggestions for me? 

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