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   The "new" four letter acronym game  

8/28/2011 06:03
Posted By:  - BEAVER, AR  
Date Posted: 8/28/2011 06:03
   Simple enough. One poster shall post four letters. The next person makes them into the first letter of each word in a sentence, phrase, etc.

For example I coul post "ILLP" Then the next poster in the thread would need to make a four word phrase where each of the previous poster's four letters are the first letter of each word IN ORDER such as, "I Like Licking Pussy" or "Illinois Lesbians Like Penetration". The person answering with a phrase would then give a new 4 letter series that the next poster would answer.

Don't worry about double posts or whether someone got skipped. Just answer the most recent one you see when opening the thread.

Let's make an effort to make answers friendly and preferably sex positive.

It'll look like this (for those needing visual example):

Poster one:

Poster two:
I Like Licking Pussy

Poster three:
I Like Fantastic Sex


Here are the first four letters: POST

Let the game begin!


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