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   Woodstove refinishing  

9/19/2011 20:20
Posted By:  - BEAVER, AR  
Date Posted: 9/19/2011 20:20
   So, I have a woodstove I like, but the top needs refinishing a bit... Again. Well, I inherited this old stove with the house, and the prior owner used a petroleum base "stove black" type material on it. So I have continued that method.

However, I've been checking some DIY forums and such regarding a more aggressive finish cleansing and repaint. I've read some folks who say that if the metals been pocked with rust and stove blacked for a long time that you can't hardly get it clean enough to get a good high heat paint adhesion without really sanding aggressively into the metal. Others say that thinners and such have made it possible for them to get the oily shit out of the pores in the metal... I'm not sure what to believe, but don't want to pull my stove and find that the latter was false and end up in a project I may be unequipped for.

My question for anyone with patience enough to read this abd who has some experience with the type of issue is this: If I were to sand and repaint what sort of sanding machinery and grits etc... Would be best/required? Disc sanding?

And, of course, I am curious about using solvents to clean the metal and whether that is in fact not likely to work thereby requiring the sandin project.


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