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   Paying it Forward  

12/17/2011 14:00
Posted By:  - CANYON COUNTRY, CA  
Date Posted: 12/17/2011 14:00
So many of us here have been blessed with so much. From healthy bodies and minds to finacial success. Here is a chance to give just a little back to someone in our lifestyle community that could use some help. Some of you may have seen her in the chatroom of have been following her blogs, or maybe even have had the chance to meet her in person. Her ID on here is "Sassynseductive". She has given us permission to post this as she woupld not feel comfortable posting this herself.

Here is an email she sent to us recently: 

Thank you for your lovely email. I am so happy to here that Mrs. F's mother is doing well and cancer free. I love hearing success stories like that. I will have one of my own soon.

As far as posting a forum so others can donate. I love the idea but i don't want to come off as begging or asking for money. I feel weird. If you would like to write something up and post it and give out the information I would be so grateful. I just wouldn't be able to do it myself. I am really bad at accepting or asking for help. I am a giver and always have been. BUT I know the reality of my situation right now and stressing about my bills is not going to help my fight.

I know there are many who want to help that don't read my blogs. So if you know of a way to get the information out there, I would appreciate it.

 Thank  you so much for thinking of me and for helping me. Your words of encouragement and well wishes bring a smile to my face and make this journey a little more bearable

             Wishing you a fantastic weekend! Much Love,

I would like to encourage everyone to atleast read her blogs and keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes along her journey. If you feel motivated to make a donation to her the donation information is posted on our blog.

Hugs and Kisses to all'

Mr. and Mrs. Fantabulous

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