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   womans PMS and the men in thier life  

1/10/2012 15:29
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 1/10/2012 15:29
    This is kinda embarassing but has been an ongoing problem for a while .I never experienced pms in my teenage years or all through my twentys so now in my thirtys this is somewhat new to me .I have found in the last few years to be what all my friends used to talk about IS a tought time of month My problem is 3 days before my period I get insecure ,sad, irratable and low The rest of the month I am chill ,carefree and easygoing. I think that, ok ,for the next few days I am going to feel this way so embrace it and avoid people who may potentionally upset you.Sounds easy and some times is but I have found I still some months will fight with my daughter ,best male friend,etc ,whomever is in my path when in this extremly sensitive time.Things that would just roll or not be a big deal now become major requiring resove .If someone does upset me they become the target of my emotional state.I find that I push men away at this time even the ones I dont want to such as good friends .Its like i have no control over my feelings. At work the other day my fave female co worker who is always very upbeat and positive was irritable and later I found her crying in the breakroom.Without hesitation I blurted" Your on your period huh?"  and yes she was .My pint is other woman just get it How do I explain this to a man in my life or good male friend  that I dont hate him, Im just emotional and how can I have him understand this better. ? and isnt this something that any grown man who has had relationships should know? Thanks for your help

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