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   If 90% get into Lifestyle 4their man? How do they overcome their "core"   

1/16/2012 06:08
Posted By:  - SCOTTSDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 1/16/2012 06:08
Hello I've been in the lifestyle on & off for over 15yrs I recently meet a lady who has said she would like ot have a 3way  MWM (she is not interested in FF)  and I'm fine with that yet she loves to do it ALL in bed with her man but is not easily finding out how to overcome here core  of is it ok, or right? 
   I know it's not for everyone, yet she has said honey get a guy on a few occassions but I want to take it slow since I've been in this lifestyle long enought to know it is not about me. "Man has his will but women has her way" And I don't want her to wake up the next day after have a hot  night of...and say gee what did I do??   Moreover say how did I do;=) she has to be comfortable. 
As my buddy's wife said she feels 90% of women iget in the lifestyle for their man, but stay cause they like it. 
  She like most women would do it to please me at first and eventually end up loving it cause she is so adventureous in bed and loves to have fun and not affraid to try anything. Did i mention she is hispanic, knows her limits, but enjoys her Tequila shots.  
 Anyway we did talk with a long time married LL couple friends of mine and after she was fine with it.  But the strong desire comes & goes cause she has not talked enough with others to hear how they grew into it and overcame some issues. Knowing she's said , honey find a guy to meet for happy hour. And recently found that she really enjoys going out dancing then heating it up with a somewhat younger guys 28-40 on the floor.  We'd like to meet other M-F & Cpls  for happy hour or...to talk about it and or read your comments. 
If anyone knows of any articles, books let us know, and thanks for reading the post.
If you would like to talk and or meet for some good times and great laughs get back to us at "4realhotfun"
Thanks K & M

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