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Are you seeking Saint Paul, Minnesota swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Off Topic
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   lost love  

1/19/2012 17:33
Posted By:  - SAINT PAUL, MN  
Date Posted: 1/19/2012 17:33
     hello all !! this a very off topic that i have not seen here before ....................

             I met this girl on another life style site , she lives in the UK and me here in MN. , we fall in love and carry on a long distance love affair for 2 years !!! we had a love affair that would make most people be envious !!

                 She is 35 and i am 55 , we use every thing from FaceBook to skype to Rebtel to yahoo messenger to text to email to imessage !!!  we visited each other 4 times a year ............. we have amazing sex ! she is kinky as hell !! we cam , we role play ...... its truly amazing !!!  she has a profile on LL as well 

            so , she has ended the relationship now because she wants children and i don't ............. I am heart broken and need to know , am i being short sighted and should go for having kids ?? even though i have raised 2 sets of kids ?  I cant sleep , i cant get her out of my mind !! and think i am letting the girl of my dreams slip away ................

          Please help , and be kind 


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