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Are you seeking Tustin, California swingers personal ads?
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   Back with a BIG Juicy Wet BANG!!  

1/29/2012 17:03
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 1/29/2012 17:03

Looking forward to the next couple of days, that is to see if the "regulars" are still trolling around being their naughty,clever, mischevious selves. Thanks for the emails ;) had been out and about but since some of you know, you cant really respond if membership is not renewed. This 9
1/4" is looking for some big dick loving.......haha sorry couldnt help myself old reference to something the majority of you will not get. Anyways glad to be back, and now hope everyone is doing well in this 2012, and making the most of if since apperantly its our last year here on earth (evil smirk)

Boy i got some stories some i will keep to myself and some i will surely forum about (certain car crash type scenarios others just plain out fun and entertaining)

ps. grammar and punctuation has improved somewhat but its not fully there yet LOL so patience since I know how a woman hates a guy who cant quite really articulate what they want to say

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