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   considering moving to metro pcs, boost, or virgin. is this a mistake?  

3/2/2012 15:03
Posted By:  - VALLEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 3/2/2012 15:03
   we have sprint and overall we have been very happy.  except that they just slipped another $4 charge, (actually a takeaway) and when i got a new phone, the monthly went up $10, and its already more expensive by about $50 than it would be to go to one of these plans mentioned above. 

i had an argument with my mortgage company and it took several hundred minutes to resolve it to my satisfaction.  the cost to resolve it in overage minutes was $102,  and the charge was $70 i was disputing.  so it cost me $32 to get the bank to agree with me.  i have never gone over my generous minute plan before. 

what are your experiences with these discount companies?  i am tired of phone bill surprises.

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