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   Best Book to Movie Conversion  

5/1/2012 16:13
Posted By:  - ATLANTA, GA  
Date Posted: 5/1/2012 16:13
   So yesterday I went to see The Hunger Games movie.  Having only finished the book a few days before, I was STOKED to catch the flick that everyone is raving about.

Talk about disappointment.  I really wanted to love the movie, but the absolutely pathetic portrayal of the development of the trio (those who have read the book will get this reference) infuriated me.  There were so many parts that I felt the movie producers wasted time on and some many parts they should have focused on instead (further development of Rue, for example), that I walked away from the movie shaking my head.

This got my best girlie and I talking about the general topic of book to movie conversion.

For me, the best conversion from book to movie was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philospher's Stone.  The movie was exactly like the book and Chris Columbus managed to successfully touch on all of the important parts from the first book to set up the future movies without sacrificing the wonderfulness of the story. 

Another friend of mine said that, for her, Atonement was an amazing replication of book to movie.

So which is the best for you and why?  Which one did you hate the most and why?


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