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   Can anyone give me advice on Family Law?  

6/25/2012 15:49
Posted By:  - WOODLAND HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 6/25/2012 15:49
   I divorced my ex-husband in 2010. We simply parted ways and had a default divorce in Arizona. He moved to San Diego and I moved to LA.
Since our divorce, I have discovered many delinquent  payments that is badly affecting my credit. All of these debts I was unaware of until after our divorce. There are past due electric bills, water bills, even a $400 overdue bill from sparklettes that I just had a debt collector call me about. I am in debt thousands because of him. During our entire marriage, he put everything in my name, didn't pay, and when we split I am stuck with the debt. My question is, is it too late to sue him for these debts since it was 2 years ago but it's all debt from when we were married?

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