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   Where to live in Silicon Valley???  

7/18/2012 15:15
Posted By:  - REDWOOD CITY, CA  
Date Posted: 7/18/2012 15:15
   Hi All!

We just moved from SoCal (South Orange County) to the Bay Area (into temporary corp housing) and could use some advice, regarding where to look for housing in Silicon Valley (somewhat near Menlo Park, CA)?  

Any suggestions on cities to consider?  

Top priorities: safe, new(ish), not too long of a commute (30 mins or less) and somewhat nearby hiking/dining/etc.  We don't have kids, so schools aren't a big concern.  

Basically, we're hoping to find something similar to Aliso Viejo (give or take a few amenities).  

Thanks in advance for any input you can share.  

xoxo - Dreamof3

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