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   Too Tan or not To Tan That is The Question  

8/22/2012 13:39
Posted By:  - OCEANSIDE, CA  
Date Posted: 8/22/2012 13:39
   Interestly enough, I read this article online regarding the Chinese facekini as seen below.  The article went onto say that the Chinese don't like to tan because they identify tan skin with manual labor and the peasantry unlike people in the West who can't get enough of the sun.  

I can't be in the sun much anymore due to several carcinomas that have been cut out and have left scars on my back.  One of them looks like a bullet hole.  I do admire a tan body, but have also found women that avoid the sun have some incredible beautiful pale skin.

I think I'd just prefer an umbrella or hat to the the facekini.  How about you?

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