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   Safety Cruise  

9/14/2012 23:48
Posted By:  - KIRKLAND, WA  
Date Posted: 9/14/2012 23:48
I saw a documentary concerning Cruise ship  . I could not beleive what I saw. Everybody heard about the boat who  sunk  last spring in Italy. Just to give you an idea. Imagine the same boat with the same or  similar problem but in the middle of the ocean, instead 200 yards from the coast and a city ( 36 people died)  it will  be hundreds deaths  I heard witnesses interviews from that tragedy. Also the witnesses from the boat  with videos explaining their nighmare. The documentary even shows how they hire people, waiters, maids//ect  crews in general. The last 10 years Cruise ship has raised over 40 % and millions and millions people every  year risk their life without to know. How safe is to be on the ship with over thousands people. Are you sure  if the crew members are ready to be face when there is  a big problem.  I bet some of you think  are safer than to be  in the plane. The bottom of line everything will be ok until a major problem or men errors  will happen ...In fact going to a cruise  ship and died is like to win the lottery.  umm I will say  like to be on any plane. Do you want to bet ? ;)

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