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   Need advice on locations to live...schools...housing...commute in SOCAL  

12/3/2012 16:58
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 12/3/2012 16:58
Been working in depth on finding a job in SoCal and need some inside information in regard to the best places to live. I am trying to keep it at at least two, maybe three options so I can live either north of LA or South of LA. 

I have a 13 yr old daughter and not having a super long commute is important as are safe neighborhoods and good schools.

That and not having to live in a shoebox. I love the idea of a community on the outer edges of the city.  

One of my options is the Santa Clarita area. Great schools, neighborhoods and decent housing prices. And sort of it's own pocket community just outside of LA. A NO brainer. I've already done extensive research in this area.   

BUT, I want to keep my options open for being able to cast a wider net of possibilities job wise. So, I have started looking in the Corona area and was told by a friend that there are only pocket areas that are good there. And depending on where I live and work could be a long commute. I looked at Eastvale just above Corona and Ontario area as possibilities. I could end up with a job on the north end of LA, east of south, so need more options researched ahead of time. These areas seem to have VERY decent pricing as far as housing goes and lots of square footage in nice houses/neighborhoods (it appears). 

So, all you Southern Cali peeps, help me out here with the places to avoid and why and the places to focus on and why. 

Oh and what roads have those stupid tolls? I had to go through a couple of them once without paying as I had no cash on me and that was my only option! 

Thanks a bunch! ANY insight you can give me would be most appreciated!


Moved to Off Topic, since it is not about help with the site.  Good luck with your move!


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