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   Is Chilvalry a threat to womens' dignity?   

1/17/2013 09:14
Posted By:  - BEROUN, MN  
Date Posted: 1/17/2013 09:14
   In the Atlantic recently Emily Esfahani Smith makes a strong case that women deserve to be treated benevolently.  She has reignited a debate that assumes men will act badly if cultural norms do not prevent them from doing so.  The counterpoint, of course is that chivalrous behavior toward women demeans them; creates a power imbalance between sexes. 

I find it fascinating that there is so much passion on both sides of this debate.  Personally I will always open a door for a lady, offer to carry a load, offer my arm and offer to see her home.  I never considered this anything except a respect for and love of women.  I am as much a feminist as a person encumbered with a penis can possibly be. 

So the question "Is Chivalry sexist?" must be considered.

What do you think?


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