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   The Lifestyle is like selling your house and trying to find a new one!  

4/9/2013 15:26
Posted By:  - PLYMOUTH, MN  
Date Posted: 4/9/2013 15:26
   So, it has come to my attention that selling our home and finding a new one we like is very similar to finding that right couple in the lifestyle. Call me picky if you would like but, hear me out. 

We don't hate our home it's just been outgrown. We have visited homes and yes, there are things we like but, don't see ourselves moving in. Then, we come home and say.....wow! we have a nice home!

My conclusion is this, in regards to home buying and lifestyling.......It all just really makes us appreciate what we already have! 

But, we still have to find a house and we want to get laid!!!  So, we need to look past certain hang-ups and attachments and just move on and have some fun.  I think it's so hard when you have been in a place for so long to look outside the 'norm' and see other options.

please know this is all written in good humor.

Not sure why I'm writing this but, I am certainly frustrated on both sides (LS and home buying) at this point.

mrsCC (:{})

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