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   A SAD, SAD DAY!!!   

4/29/2013 23:22
Posted By:  - EL PASO, TX  
Date Posted: 4/29/2013 23:22
Let me preface this by saying that what I am about to tell y'all could only happen to me!!!!

So, a week or so ago, one of the sexiest women on LL posted a topic in one of the groups or whatever. I respond to her thread, hoping to get a reply. A couple days go by and the pretty young thing hits me up. INSTANT CONNECTION!!! So, we pretty much chatted the whole weekend, exchanged some photos, and made plans to meet up this upcoming weekend, right?

Here's where it goes salty. My mom and I have the same phone. We did the family BBQ at her home Sun. Well, apparently I must have used my moms phone to send a 'sexy text' to the aforementioned P.Y.T. I go to work this morning, living my life, just doing me. I get home, hop on he computer to chat with my new friend, and I'm BLOCKED. I'm like WTF!!!!

A few hours later, my mom shows up to my door, PUNCHES ME IN THE CHEST, and says, "DON'T BE HAVIN' YO LI'L CHICAS SENDING PICTURES OF THEIR 'ORGANS' TO MY PHONE!!!" I'm like "Ma, what are you talking about?" She said "I DELETED THE PIC AND TOLD HER NOT TO SEND ANY MORE TO MY PHONE OR I'M CALLING THE POLICE!!!"

And there it is!

Not only did I miss out on meeting a PERFECT 10, but...I NEVER GOT TO SEE THE PIC SHE SENT ME &!!!!


Maybe she'll see this and be a good sport about it. Til next time.....DAMN

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