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   i need advice about a friend...  

11/27/2013 17:33
Posted By:  - VALLEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 11/27/2013 17:33
   this is not a lifestyle question but i didn't find a proper place to put it. 

my husband is super handy and has had a lot of free time lately with the increase in interest rates. 

some elderly non LS business associates whom i have known for 30+  years have had him doing some handyman work for them for which he is paid at 50% of his discounted rate.  

recently they were seriously robbed.  someone broke their backyard french door in.  the thieves were in the house a long time. they even broke into their mail box.  

the police felt that it was someone they knew who knows they go to the movies every friday night. 

when my friend told me about it, she said that when the police said this, they thought of my husband, but then dismissed the thought.  WTF?  

i realize that they are probably a bit discombobulated and feeling violated.  but i can't believe they would even think that, much less have to stones to say it to me!

while they don't have to be my business partners, they have been for more than 20 years.  

what would you do?  

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