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 Originator Date Posted 
   a thought at Christmas.....  

12/24/2013 01:17
Posted By:  - BAYSIDE, NY  
Date Posted: 12/24/2013 01:17
   I am grateful and happy that you helped, that you let me help you, that you respected me enough to at least listen to my point of view, that you allowed me to speak my peace, that you donated to my causes, that I could donate to yours, that you laughed at something I said, that you made me laugh, that you are ok, that you endured, that you got that thing done that you were working on, that we finally met, that I got to see you after so long, that we rode together, that you came to my party, that we shared a cup of coffee, that you knew that answer to that question, that you knew a solution to my problem, that we became friends, that you showed interest, that you continue to tolerate me, that you accept me as much for my faults as despite them, that you show up just when I need you to, that you love the people I love as well, that we have history, that you made me laugh, that you quietly pointed out a fault of mine, that you inspired me, that you we share interests, that you found the perfect girl or guy, that you finally got rid of that awful girl or guy, that you're safe, that you're sane, that you got into shape, that you started taking yourself more seriously, that you started to lighten up and not tale yourself so seriously, that you kicked that habit, that you got more disciplined, that you're in my life……

I don't regret more than I resolve anew…. to help, hear, donate, ride, accept, tolerate, do, avoid, assist, inspire, evoke, excite, calm, sooth, smile, grow, motivate, cheer, challenge, acknowledge, validate, vindicate...

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