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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Unfulfilled but could be with a trusted friend and some role-play...  

11/15/2007 10:33
Posted By:  - CRYSTAL LAKE, IL  
Date Posted: 11/15/2007 10:33
   This is the story I sent my wife when we were "vanilla dating" and falling in love... We had decided to be totally honest and open with each other and I sent her this story I had written to reveal a deep fantasy of mine... after an evening for her to think it over, she decided that we were made for each other. ;-)


It was one of our special weekends, the first in fact. We are a couple that appreciates many things together, romance, an unbreakable bond, trust and an appreciation for the joy of our life together. This weekend was the culmination of our growing closer, safer and sharing our intimate fantasies with each other.

In our first beautiful year together, we had found that our letting down our guard and sharing fantasies with each other had brought us closer together and really increased the passion and lust we had for each other. We had wondered if this would affect our love for each other but soon realized that our relationship grew stronger, even beyond our wildest hopes. There were so many nights that one would inform the other of a deep fantasy which always led to a very intense passion and breathtaking orgasms for both of us. This had grown to be something we both loved, turning each other on with our thoughts. We had no secrets from each other and had grown to trust that our hearts were safe with the other.

This weekend would be spent in the big city; we were staying at a hotel downtown and were each determined to give the other a level of pleasure and maybe fantasy fulfillment that we had not yet experienced as a couple. We had talked about this weekend for some time and wondered if we would really be able to take our fantasies to another level together. We were equals in every way in life, but as one sexual being, I loved that you were absolutely willing to be my loving and submissive slut in the bedroom.

We arrived on Friday and wanted to have a romantic and sensual dinner together. We both dressed for the benefit of the other. You had me pegged perfectly of course, with a low-cut top, showing off your full breasts, and a short skirt that barely concealed your garter belt and stockings. Your absolute willingness to please and tease me struck me when I noticed that you even remembered those ankle-strap heels that you know drive me wild.

We wanted a quiet and dark restaurant, so that we could play and tease as the evening went on. We were recommended a place near the hotel where we were staying and found it to be perfect upon our arrival. Our evening went as hoped and you turned me on just sitting there. Those eyes teasing, flirting and revealing the lusty creature you had become of late.

During dinner, the few tables that were occupied around us belonged to mostly other couples. I had noticed more than a few glance our way during the evening. We did make for an attractive couple, but our playfulness and your raw sexual energy and attire were more likely the main attraction. It turned both of us on to know that we had been the center of attention and that a few of the couples nearby had imagined us fucking each other or fucking them. To be their aphrodisiac was a turn on to both of us as it was a shared fantasy to have some stranger desire the other.

As the evening went on, the other tables around us began to empty. You had definitely taken advantage of this by becoming bolder and teasing me mercilessly. We both knew that we were reaching a point were we were going to have to make each other come sooner rather than later. I leaned across the table and asked if your pussy was wet and then told you that I wanted you to let me taste you. You responded with an erotic look in your eye and a sensual smile, and then slowly reached under the table to feel the warm wetness between your thighs.

As you were proving your sexual arousal by presenting two very wet fingers for me to taste, our waiter came again to the table. He asked again if we were in need of anything else, but barely got the words out as he noticed the erotic game we were engaged in. My heart raced as I noticed his eyes go from my sucking your wet pussy from your fingers to him openly staring at your full breasts as you shamelessly flirted with him once again. As he left us reluctantly, I looked you in the eyes and whispered to you, “be my slut tonight baby”.

During the evening, our waiter had made many appearances at our table to check on us and was very transparent in his lust for your body. It had made for some serious sexual tension watching you flirt with him and knowing how turned on you got by it. He had rarely ventured very far from our table and had found anything to occupy himself within viewing distance of us. I had mentioned earlier that he was certainly going to jerk off tonight thinking of you and I know that the thought had you aroused beyond belief.

We soon found that ours was indeed the last occupied table in the restaurant. We had plans for hitting the hotel bar to people watch after dinner where other sensual couples and singles were known to frequent, but both of us knew that we had to have some sexual relief before we got there. We soon paid the check and were getting ready to leave when you mentioned that you would be right back and left the table after giving me a very wet and sexually charged kiss.

I watched as you walked away, not believing again that I had found such a beautiful heart in such a raw sexual and willing being. Watching you walk, your ass in that tight short skirt, I felt a rush of emotions, pride and attraction along with the realization that you had the body of an absolute slut, and much to my immense delight, had found the “slut” within you recently. With my encouragement, care and love, you had become comfortable with your sexual desires, fantasies and in playing the submissive role that we both reveled in.

I watched as you walked towards the bar area, thinking you were going to the restroom. You stopped short of there and approached our waiter instead. I watched as you startled him and then spoke with him in an obviously flirting manner. It was apparent that you were enjoying teasing this man and I knew you were turned on by his open glances at your full breasts. I could almost feel your pussy getting wetter from across the room.

I watched as you put a hand on his shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear. I couldn’t imagine what you were saying, but as you spoke, I could tell you were not discussing the weather. I watched as you grew close almost nuzzling his neck as he gazed down the front of your top. From knowing the effect you have on me, I knew that mine was not the only cock beginning to stir. You finally finished with him and turned towards me with the sexiest look in your eyes and a wicked smile. You then motioned for me to join you near the bar as the waiter departed.

As I joined you, and slipped an arm around your back and we came together in a sensual embrace. We kissed again and I could feel the familiar sexual energy on your lips and in the soft moan you emitted. I reluctantly broke our kiss to ask what your conversation with the waiter was all about. As I kissed your neck, you whispered that you told him that you needed to get fucked hard and wanted to know if there was a more private place where you could be alone with me. I could feel your excitement rise when I responded with a groan that told you how appreciative I was of you.

You then, almost playfully, took my hand and said, “Come on baby”. You led me around the bar to a sliding door, which led to another dining room. It was a small intimate room, which must have been used for private parties; there was a bar on one wall with large booths upholstered in black leather on the other. You led me to a large booth in the nearest corner and sat me down. You leaned down offering me a long overdue feel of your full breasts and kissed me seductively.

You broke our kiss long enough to tell me that you wanted to suck my cock and feel my hot come in your mouth. You knew how turned on it gets me to just hear your voice when you are sexually charged and acting the part of my slut. You then lowered yourself to your knees and began to release my cock with was now straining in my pants. I watched as you unbuckled my belt and a used your sexy fingers to slowly and seductively lower my zipper, sensually looking me straight in the eyes the entire time.

As you released my cock, I watched as you took it in your hands and slowly started to pump its length. You love doing this and it seems like you feel an enormous sexual power when you stroke my cock like that. The feeling of you fucking my thick cock with your pretty hands is so erotic, watching you pump me, and watching you devour my cock with your mind. And then your eyes, glancing then locked with mine as you stroke me, I can see everything, our love, our lust, your erotic mind and the open honesty we share together.

You then finally bend you take the tip of my throbbing cock in your mouth as you continued to fuck my cock with your sexy hands. We were looking in each other’s eyes as you continued to pump my throbbing shaft. I knew that you must have been dripping by now, as I know it turns you on to the extreme to fuck my cock with your mouth like that.

You soon release one of your hands and slip it under your skirt. You are moaning now at the sensation of sucking me and touching your very wet pussy. As you continue to suck me, you again bring two dripping fingers to my mouth, watching my expression as I take in the aroma of your passion. I slowly lick your fingers clean, tasting your wet pussy while looking you in the eyes.

You then withdraw your hand and place it back under your dress. It turns me on to watch you suck my cock, slowly and deliberately, knowing that you are fucking yourself at the same time. I can hear your fingers as the circle your clit and play with your wet lips. I love that you get so wet and dream of your taste as you continue to pleasure me like only you can.

I reach and lift your top, exposing your breasts, feeling them fill my hands. I cup them and lightly pinch each hard nipple making you moan around my thick cock. I know you are now slipping two fingers deep into your wet pussy and that you love having your mouth full of my cock at the same time. I love feeling you suck me like this, pumping me, loving the pleasure you give me while you fuck my cock with your mouth and hands. I am imagining the feel and taste of your pussy when you get this wet, the silky wet feeling of your sex.

As I watch you suck me, I notice movement to the side and see that our waiter friend could not resist the temptation to see what we could be doing to each other in here. He notices that I have seen him and accepted his presence. I also notice that he is quite aroused by our show and that he is slowly rubbing a very large bulge in his black dress slacks. He soon grows bolder, perhaps by need, and removes his long, thick cock and begins to stroke it as he focuses on you. He watches you suck my cock and thinks of your lips wrapped around his cock.

With my eyes, I motion for you to look over your shoulder, knowing that what you will soon take in will make your wet pussy drip with excitement and lust. Your look is of pure sexual arousal as you continue to pump my thick cock while watching our waiter stroke himself. As we regain eye contact, your look said it all; I can see the heat within you and also hear your question of allowing you even greater pleasures. With my eyes to you and with a gesture to our waiter I answer you.

As he approaches and kneels behind you, he is watching you stroke my cock, pumping it, devouring it. Your pure sexuality must be apparent as he takes you in while continuing to stroke his very large cock. I again nod to him and tell him to touch you, giving my permission to him but showing you my complete dedication to your pleasure. I watch as he places his hand under your skirt, adding his hand to yours.

You then take your mouth off of my cock and moan in appreciation as he finds your wet pussy. You give him your pussy completely and return both hands to my cock as we share a look of arousal, knowing that we both had thought of this scenario before while sharing our fantasies. At this moment we feel a closeness we had not known before looking deep into each other souls, as this stranger starts fucking your very wet and ready pussy with his fingers.

Your moaning is building as you continue to stroke my cock and submit to the pleasure you are receiving from behind. With another glance at him and then looking deep into your eyes, I ask if you are my slut. This question alone can make your pussy drip and now I can see the rush of sexual lust in your eyes as you answer, “yes baby, yes”. I then ask you if you want this stranger to fuck your pussy with his huge cock while you suck me. You answer with a nod and a whispered yes, but I ask that you to tell him yourself. You turn, your hands still gripping and slowly stroking my throbbing cock, and seductively breathe the words “fuck me”.

You are dripping now, in heat, loving playing this role for me and I have never seen your eyes so filled with sexual lust. You are now my slut completely, and we are becoming closer as lovers, as this man behind you prepares to slip his huge cock into your tight and very wet pussy. I can hear your wetness as he begins to rub his huge cock up and down your lips. As he finally begins to work the huge shaft into you, you have both hands wrapped around my big cock, fucking me like only you can, slipping the head in and out of you wet mouth and fucking me with your hands.

You moan as he buries his hot flesh into your steaming cunt with a slow deep thrust. You then begin to rock slowly as he finds his rhythm, fucking your tight, wet pussy with his massive cock. Our eyes are still locked as I fuck your sweet mouth and watch as you react from each deep thrust from the waiters cock. I know you enjoy being filled like this and love that I have allowed my beautiful and loving slut so much pleasure.

You are getting fucked hard now from behind and you take your lips off my hard cock, and while looking deep into my soul say, "baby, he is fucking me so deep". You pump my cock with both hands as he slams into your dripping pussy, pleading with him to fuck your pussy hard. The waiter is now moaning with each strong thrust into you, his pace is quickening and I know you want nothing more that to be filled with his hot come.

You work on my cock, fucking me with your hands and mouth, it is like a very tight pussy, and you know it is going to make me come very hard. I can tell the waiter is going to come soon as well. He is fucking you deep and hard, moaning while filling your hot cunt with his rock hard shaft. He is gripping your hips, slamming his enormous cock into you. I can hear his thighs slam into you, hear your drenched pussy accept this strange cock and see the pleasure in your eyes as you pleasure two lust-filled men at once.

You are now trying to make me come, because you know that he won't last very long in your hot pussy. You want two hot and thick loads of come in you at once and I know the thought of it is taking you over the edge. You now release my cock from your mouth, squeezing me in your hands as you bury your head in my lap and moan. A huge orgasm rocks you to your core as you submit to the waiter’s trusts and fuck him back eagerly. Our eyes meet again as wave after wave overcomes you, your eyes light with each urgent thrust from behind. I tell you to fuck him like my beautiful slut and to make him come and you respond with a deep moan around my thick shaft and tell him to fuck you.

Our eyes lock again as we revel in each other’s lust, my pleasure based on watching you play my slut and you loving that you please me. You can tell that you are going to be rewarded soon with his hot strange come in your pussy and turn again, moaning for him to fill your pussy, “come in me, fill my pussy with your come, fuck me hard, fuck me”. You are now fucking me towards climax as well, quickening your pace, sliding your hot mouth over the head of my thick cock as you continue to stroke me. I also tell him to fuck you, to fill your hot pussy with his come and he responds with hard deep strokes into your hot and wet pussy.

Your eyes, our fantasies, and your sharing with me the slut within you sends me over the edge. With a deep groan, I feel the heat of my orgasm swelling within me; I start to come, shooting my hot, white semen into your pretty, loving mouth. You suck me harder as my thick come fills your mouth. The waiter, probably having the orgasm of his life, moans as his huge cock erupts into your hot gripping cunt. You can feel him throb as he fills you with his hot load, and coats your slutty pussy with his strange hot come. You are now going through an endless wave of orgasms, coming so hard and long as you are being filled with steaming hot come on both ends.

I have never come so hard myself and I love seeing the expression in your eyes as you come so long and hard with me. Knowing that your sweet wonderful pussy is being filled with this stranger’s hot semen is so erotic that our orgasms seem connected and are beyond intense. We share another moment of bliss, knowing that we will relive this moment often, fucking each other as we talk about it and each knowing how we both get so turned on seeing the other experience intense pleasure.

You reach up lifting you glowing, beautiful face towards me and I meet you, our lips touching in a wet, sensual, loving and very erotic kiss. I can taste myself on your lips, as we share the best kiss of our life together. The look in your eyes and the tenderness of your kiss say everything I want to know about our heart’s connection.

As the waiter slips from your sodden, erotic grip and slowly leaves us, we are now both focused on each other. We are so connected anyway; we can speak volumes to each other with only a look but now share a moment that says everything about us being as one. We each mention that we loved pleasing the other and that we both enjoyed the erotic experience that we just shared. We share our love; our passion and you confirm that you loved being my slut. We continue to touch and kiss as we both think of “us” and realize that what we both want now is each other. You can feel my cock begin to grow again as we kiss and you stroke me gently but seductively.

You then ask, in the sexiest voice I have ever heard, “Baby, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck my wet come-filled pussy”. A rush goes through me and shivers run down my spine as I think of slipping my now hard cock into your wet pussy. I reach between your legs and feel the thick flow of hot semen pouring from your used pussy. “Can you feel his come in me baby? He fucked me so deep and filled me with so much come”. “I want you to fuck me now and come in me too baby”.

You stroke my cock, pulling it towards you as you ask me to fuck you like no one else can. We kiss passionately as I slip my hard cock deep into the warmth of your dripping pussy, holding it there as you begin to rock against me. We kiss and share our erotic connection as I begin to thrust into you harder. We fuck each other desperately, both having been here before in our fantasies. Feeling your pussy clamped around my cock and feeling the strange come lubricating our beautiful fuck sends us both towards a breathless climax. We come together in a passionate kiss and feeling your contractions, I add my hot come to his.

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