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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Our first threesome...  

11/15/2007 13:00
Posted By:  - MISSION VIEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 11/15/2007 13:00
   We met up with a super cute bi-curious girl, who came over
to our place. We went out for a light dinner and some drinks,
amazing conversation, then back to our place. After a few
more drinks and a very flirtatous conversation, some kissing
lead to more kissing. We played musical chairs for a while
on the couch before heading into the bedroom where we stripped
down a bit.

Him in the middle, switch. Her in the middle, switch. Kissing,
touching, fondling, caressing, rubbing, grinding, sucking,
scratching, switch. Her down on her, his hands exploring
and rubbing both, switch. Both girls sucking him, switch.
On our backs, on our knees, any combination that comes to
mind, switch.

First our guest. His fingers deep inside of her as she grinds
on her counterpart. Whatever it takes, and then some. She
cums...but we all felt it, and we all shared it. Now for her.
Without skipping a beat, our guest shares oral duty with
him on the mrs. We take our time, as was the theme of the night.
Relishing every moment with a wide-eyed glimpse of ecstasy.
She cums, and now for him.

Both girls share the taste, strawberry condoms leave the
distinct impression that our fun is not yet over. He slips
inside the mrs., while we continue to kiss and fondle our
guest. She's still getting wet. Suddenly he remembers
a line from one of her emails, the one that mentioned her
desire to be in the middle of us...and now she is. She climbs
onto the mrs. and begins an assault with her tongue and lips,
as he enters our guest from behind. He slides in and out,
over and over again. Then, the unexpected...our guest
cums again!

After basking in her euphoria, we flip her over and onto
her back. He enters our guest from the front, propping his
upper body with steady arms as he kisses the mrs. And then,
he cums. Our guest rubs the product of the nights events
all over herself and the mrs. It's 3am on a now Wednesday
morning. Who needs weekends anyways!

We all connect, this was truely a shared experience for
all. Some goodnight kissing, and the sweetest of dreams.

In the morning rush back to reality, our guest revealed
her earlier contemplation of waking us up mid-sleep for
another round. Though we wish she had, now we have reason
for a second date. It can't come soon enough!

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