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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Got Semen? (A fantasy involving women "milking" men....) Part 1  

11/20/2007 22:44
Posted By:  - PACIFICA, CA  
Date Posted: 11/20/2007 22:44
   The tear is 2046 - the health benefits of semen have now been known for almost a dozen years - women who use even moderate amounts gain the benefits of the hormones and other biochemicals in semen. It halts the effects of aging, increase libido and leads to a feeling of well being. Cosmetic companies have been using it in high end products and many nutraceutical products were now on the market.

I was a student in college struggling to make ends meet when I saw the ad for a "semen clinic" in the student newspaper. The ad promised I could make money on a regular basis and I didn't have to worry about a paternity suit which had now started happening to men who donated semen at "sperm banks".

I showed up at the clinic and there a bunch of men in the waiting room filling out consent forms - the nurse up front handed me a clipboard and a pen and said to fill everything out as best I could. I had called the week before and had been taking the pineapple extract pills the clinic sent me for about a week as the clinic had requested. This insured that my semen had a slightly sweet flavor to it.

After I handed in my form I was led into a room with a glass wall at one end which had a small padded round hole whose purpose was pretty obvious. A woman came in the room beyond the glass wall dressed in very sexy clothing - she was wearing black high heels with white stockings help up by a garter belt. Her panties were slit so that her neatly trimmed pussy was clearly visible. Her breasts looked enhanced with perky big nipples that looked like an ice cube had been held to them. As she spoke it was clear she was not just addressing me but a group of other men who I imagined were in the "rooms" adjacent to mine and who I guessed also had the same glass wall set up.

She said that when she approached our room that we were to place our penises through the hole in the glass wall and that she would proceed to milk them. Then, he said that since we had all had our penises cleaned by the nurse prior to entering our rooms the semen she milked from us would be clean of any external contamination. She cleaned her hands with antibacterial soap at the small sink in her room and dried them off prior to approaching the room on my left. I could not see everything but it was obvious even from my vantage point that she was now stroking the guy in the room adjacent to me with her hand. After about 15 minutes, I heard some moaning and she quickly brought the glass collection bowl up with her other hand to collect the semen now spewing from his penis. She looked over at me, smiled and said "your next..." right before she got up and carried the bowl containing the fresh semen to the back of the room where she handed it to a nurse dressed in white.

She slowly walked over to my room and I approached the glass wall placing my now hard cock through the opening in the glass wall. She looked up said "thank you" and proceeded to stroke me with her hands - her hands felt incredibly silky and smoothe and try as I might to hold off she had me cumming in about 10 minutes. She seemed to know exactly when I was about to cum since even before I started to moan I saw her raise a fresh glass bowl with her other hand. I came, she collected and the cycle continued....

I got dressed and walked out of my room to the clinic waiting room where a nurse handed me a card with my next appointment date on it and a fresh bottle of pineapple extract pills. She informed me that my "fee" would be electronically deposited into my bank account within two days and thanked me for my business.....

.....To be continued?

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