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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   No Panties for You  

11/23/2007 15:22
Posted By:  - BONITA SPRINGS, FL  
Date Posted: 11/23/2007 15:22
   (I originally posted this in my blog, but the Mr. said I should post it in the Erotic Stories so that the non-bloggers can enjoy as well. Happy T-Day pervs! =) - Mrs. )

A couple weeks ago I went in to the day spa around the corner for a half hour Swedish massage and seaweed wrap I had gotten as a gift certificate.

The young male masseuse had a sweet look about him (sweet looking ass under the scrubs as well lol). He took me to the private room, gave me the little speech about undressing to my comfort level for the massage, but added that I would probably want to keep my underwear on for the seaweed wrap.

"Any questions before I leave you to get ready for the massage?"
"Yeah. What if I'm not wearing any?"
"Any ... ?"
"Any underwear." Straight face with just a slight smirk because I knew he knew exactly what I meant.

I wish I had been able to capture the look on his face when I said the U word. He stood there looking at me for a second like he didn't understand, and then went totally red and took a breath before saying "Yeah, um that's fine."

"The seaweed won't like, be a problem, if I'm not wearing any..."

"No no really, Ms., you'll be fine." Followed by a few more moments of awkward (for him) silence before I chimed in (ever so helpfully), "C'mon man, it's the weekend, lol. I am relaxing ... just with no underwear. Hehehe." Yes I giggled. I thought it would be funny to fuck with him a little. ;-)

He tried really hard not to laugh. It was adorable actually. "No really, it's all right. You ... yeah, you're good. The seaweed wrap will not be a problem."

Anyway so he left me standing there with a smirk on my face, and once he was gone I got under the sheets and assumed the position (for a massage naturally). I was a little surprised at how hot it made me to see him unnerved, lol. Not that I was going to do anything about it. Sometimes it's better that way.

The massage went without incident to speak of, unless you count the tension over the next 1 1/4 hours. I was totally reveling in the tension, heh. He was so nervous and I loved it.

When he asked me if the pressure was okay or if he should go lighter, I told him I usually get a deep tissue massage so he could do me as hard as he wanted. I wanted to prolong the tension ;-). So I got a complimentary upgrade to the deep tissue massage.

And then he wiped green goopy seaweed on me while I held a towel over my boobs and where I was not wearing underwear heh, wrapped me up in heated blankets so that I was totally encased in goopy warmth, turned the lights off, and left me for 45 minutes to fantasize. ;-)

After 45 minutes he came in to gently "wake me" and wipe the goop off with some very earnest but totally professional touching. And hot towels of course.

I would love to reenact this whole session with someone one day. Where the "masseuse" doesn't have to maintain his professionalism. ;-)

Anyhoo, should be time for another massage soon I think. To get over the stress of, well, Thanksgiving. =D

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