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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A Nice Encounter  

12/4/2007 17:06
Posted By:  - SAINT MICHAEL, MN  
Date Posted: 12/4/2007 17:06
   The day is early. The hotel was your choice this time. Something mid-way between us again. You arrived first. After a phone call to get the room number, I arrived shortly after. I knocked softly - you answered quickly with a coy smile on your face. completely naked! We kissed and held each other while standing for a bit. I say, "Lay down. I want to give you a massage. Let's slow down, we have all day.". You respond, "I'm so fucking horny you're lucky if I don't just take you right now!". I grin, and point to the bed. You comply. Laying on your stomach, but looking over your shoulder at me. I strip while you watch, and say "just relax, Take some deep breaths".

I reach over to the night stand where I set some massage oil when I came in. Gently scented aromatherapy (how thoughtful of me!). I rub my hands together to make sure they are warmed up, add a bit of oil, and begin with your shoulders. First gently, but gaining some deeper strokes to work out the knots. I work down your arms, feeling you relax with every stoke. I see the smile on your face. I go down your right arm, to your fingers - working your wrist, palm, and each finger slowly. Working back up your right arm, across your shoulders, adding a bit more oil to keep the strokes smooth, I work down your left shoulder, upper and lower arm, wrist, palm and each finger. I can tell by your breathing that you are taking it in, the stress is being worked out of you.

Working back up your left arm, and adding a bit more oil (warmed in my hands), I begin on your entire back, working every muscle, every key point. Working down to your lower back, along your spine, working out under your shoulder blades, to your lats along your sides and up to your arms and shoulders again. Moving down to your lower back, your beautiful ass, relaxed and waiting for my massage. I work through your lower back, tight from sitting and studying and listening to lectures. My hands work through your butt muscles and around your hips, making sure I'm gentle enough, but firm enough to relieve the stress....making sure to add some massage oil to keep my strokes smooth. Stroking to the outside, or the ends of your limbs - to work the stress out of your body (yes it works).

Your legs are tense as I work lower, I move them apart a bit, just enough so I can work the back and inside of your thighs as I wish. Oiling your legs and thighs makes me hard as a rock, even as I'm concentrating on pleasing you, I have to hold myself back from just grabbing your hips and pounding your pussy to mutual pleasure. Your right leg is first, massaging from your right butt cheek down the back of your slick, oily leg. Working the back of your leg mostly on the way down, the inside and outside on the way up - stopping short of your hot pussy on the inside just to tease. I move to your left butt cheek and do the same routine, down the back side of your leg to your knee, up on the outside and inside of your thigh. I feel you drop in a relaxed motion, inviting me to touch more, but I resist. You put your butt up in the air to tease me, and I just massage your butt and lower back to get you to relax some more again.

I work down your leg and work over your calf, which is kind of tight, probably because you'd rather just get fucked at this point. But I continue the massage, oiling your lower leg, working your knee and calf, down to your ankle, which needs quite a bit of work....getting you to relax, and finally your heel, arch, top of your foot, ball of your foot and each toe separately. You're breathing tells me you are quite relaxed....I get a bit more oil and start on your other leg - massaging your knee, calf, down to your ankle, and then your heel, arch, top of your foot, adding a bit more oil, and then working the ball of your foot, and each toe.

Now that I have touched virtually every part of your body from your back side, I request that you turn over so I can continue on your front. You turn over, but ask me "Don't you just want to fuck me? I'm so horny!", as you grab me and pull me in close. I respond, "Yes I do, but I'm not done yet! We have time, let's build up to something really hot".

I wipe my hands off so I can work on your head, neck and face muscles. There's some tension there, because you're smiling and not really concentrating on relaxing. I straddle you around your middle, so I can reach your head. As I start on your shoulders, and move to the back and side of your neck, I see you smile, and your hands move to my cock. I'm not surprised. You're always in a rush to fuck. An awesome characteristic no doubt, but this time, we're going to build. I move your hands back to the bed, and return to working on your neck, working up to your ears, and the back of your head. The Top of your head and your temples. Then your cheek bones, nose, and even your chin.

Then I move down a bit, put some oil on my hands, and begin from your shoulders again, moving down your collar bone area, to your breasts. Your nipples are hard as I circle and tease with my soft, oily hands. When I pinch your nipple, you smile a bit....but I quickly move on. massaging your sides, ribs, and genly on your stomach. Moving to your sides, and working on the front and sides of your hips.

I move myself down a bit more, so I can work your hips, and oil up the fronts of your thighs a bit more. You have moved your legs apart by now, and I am sitting between your legs, looking right at, but not touching your sweet, hot, and very wet pussy. I get plenty of oil on your pubic area (shaved!) and your thighs - paying special attention to the inside of your thighs and down to your knee.

You say "Wow, you're really preparing me for easy entrance, aren't you?". I smile and say, "Well, I guess the oil can be used by either of us! But not yet!". I continue massaging you, from your hip, down your leg - inside front and outside of your thigh. Being careful not to touch any really sensitive spots. As I move to you left leg, I notice your eyes are closed, so I lean down and give your pussy one long deep lick. You move your legs apart more, and moan deeply. I continue massaging your legs..mostly working the fronts that I could not get to before.

My throbbing, hard cock can hardly wait. You start to get up as if to take me at your will...but I tell you to lay down again, and let me do what I came here for. My oily hands work up from the inside of your knees to your thighs, gently pushing your legs apart to expose your beautiful pussy lips. I position myself down where I need to be, and begin to play with your pussy with my tongue. Very, very gently flicking, just barely touching your lips and clit. Moving my hot tongue and breath down and poking quickly into your tightness. Your sigh and moan of approval let's me know you are ready for more. I move and flick your clit again. My oily hand moves under, one finger putting pressure on you butthole, while another slides in your pussy - just barely in to tease your opening while my tongue gently and rhythmically flicks your clit. The oil is dripping down your ass, or is it your come? The finger that's putting pressure on your butthole, is easing it's way in. I know you said that is one way traffic, so I take control of it, and make sure not to force anything!

Your moans tell me you don't even notice the invasion, and you begin to writhe against my fingers and tongue. Your breathing is increasing, as the rhythm of my gentle flicks, circles, moving down your lips and plunging either my tongue or finger into your pussy and ass is bringing you close to your first orgasm. I can feel your wetness increasing, and your pussy pulsing on me as I keep my tempo. I can feel your body heat increasing, your nipples are hard as you play with them, your facial muscles relaxed, concentrating on the intense feelings below.

The droning of the TV news anchor on the television has got to go. I reach for the remote, your hand is instantly on my ass and balls. I turn it off, and return to my task....

The intense feeling of my handiwork has every inch of your lower body tense with near-orgasmic pleasure. At this point, I reduce my tempo, and broaden my area of concentration. Now most of my focus is on the areas around your lips and clit - your inner/upper thighs, which are hot and wet with your come; your pubic area, of course shaved and trimmed nicely, also very hot with intensity; and your groin area, up next to your mound, wet with heat and slick with the massage oil.

My tongue only barely touches your clit every once in a while now...my tempo of direct pleasure greatly reduced. Your breathing catching up. Your writhing still intense and deep, but slowed. The gasps and moans come from above me as you grab my head with both hands and try to drive my face into your pussy tell me you are high with that near-orgasm feeling. Your body curling downward, as if to envelop me with need. I need to back off just a bit more.

I stop completely. Backing off to get a little more oil on my palms, your oily leg brushes against my throbbing, hot cock. You move your feet to encircle my cock, but they are dry, so I add a little oil to slicken the feeling. I add more to my hands, and start working the fronts of your thighs and hips again...I rub some on my thighs and hips and drop down until we meet. My hard member brushing against your front, I'm almost coming from the excitement of pleasing you. We hug in an oily mass, kissing deeply and hotly.

Your breathing had caught up, but now is intensifying again. You drop your legs open, and the head of my cock rests on your lips. You moan deeply and insist that I fuck you. But I'm not ready. I sit up smiling, my oily hands begin to circle your nipples, pinching ever so gently at first, gradually increasing intensity. Your knees are practically up by your shoulders now, your pussy begging to be penetrated. I add more oil.

The people walking by the room don't notice your joys, and we barely notice them. Only enough to know they would be jealous of our endeavors, if they even had a clue!

Your whole groin, pussy, butt cheeks and ass are completely slick with warm oil now. As I am spreading it around, I work a finger into your ass. You moan and request "More! Yes! That feels so nice!". My thumb rests on the opening to your pussy...which is dripping with your juices. Waiting for pleasing. I keep my one finger in your ass, slowly working it, feeling you tighten around me. My thumb just barely in your tight pussy opening as you try to work against me to get it inside, but I move to keep it only at the opening.

Your eyes mostly closed, face relaxed, concentrating on your lower regions again to gain full momentum. I take the opportunity to surprise you, and bend down to flick your clit furiously for several flicks with my hot tongue. My face gets all oily and full of come from being buried in your pussy. My tongue darting in next to my thumb...a little deeper with every thrust, a little more intense strokes on your clit with every flutter. My free hand flicking and pinching your right nipple. Licking from your clit, down your lips, I move my thumb to poke my tongue in as deep as possible, then more down to where my finger is still slowly working your tight little butthole. My tongue intently circles that finger, your moans of approval getting louder as my saliva adds lubricant to my penetration. My hot tongue moves back up your pussy, poking, licking, circling, flicking back to your tender and very erect clit. My hand holding your lips apart now, instead of flicking your nipple. My tongue concentrates and works furiously but only gently flicking your clit only, then sliding down your pussy lips to your dripping honey hole.

As I move back up to your clit one more time, my thumb goes all the way into your pussy, as does the finger in your butthole. Stroking your harder and faster. My tongue licks up each pussy lip, finally getting to your clit, where I concentrate on flicking. You come within a few flicks, your legs tighten around my head, your come gushing out of your pussy onto my hand, arm and face. I lick furiously, enjoying every drop off of your hot body. Your body writhing in complete satisfaction, quivering with the next wave of orgasmic pleasure. Wave after wave. My cock throbbing with hot anticipation of diving deep. I continue to lick you up, cleaning and satisfying you more. You're body shaking with spent anticipation of the next wave.

"My pussy is throbbing for your hard cock. Please stick it in me." you say in your sexy, spent, very satisfied voice. I lay next to you, my hand still on your hot pussy, awaiting your next instruction. The head of my cock dripping with pre-come from the excitement of pleasing you.

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