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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Intensity of the Moment- my first short fiction  

12/5/2007 19:46
Posted By:  - BELOIT, WI  
Date Posted: 12/5/2007 19:46
   She has thought about him for days, weeks in fact. This was to be only their second meeting, and she was just as nervous as the first time. This time, however, she knew to be just as excited as nervous though. There was no way she could stop thinking about all the things they had done, even if she had wanted to. And since their last encounter, they had discussed numerous new possibilities. There was something about him that just totally drove her nuts. He was an attractive man, but the way his mind worked, and the things he said and did to her were the parts of him she wouldn't be able to keep away from. She was pulled to him.
Today, they planned to meet at a hotel. She loved how it felt like a secret affair, but it in actuality, it was all permitted. Slowly, she took a deep breath and opened the lobby door. Still, she thought the counter person at the hotel must have his own ideas, and it made her almost laugh. She told him she would like a room, king size bed please. He leaned forward and asked, "Are you Sue?"
She felt her face flush, and managed to utter "uh, yes?"
The man went on to say, "OK good, your husband has already checked in, he is waiting for you in one of our suites, he said to just give you a key, so here you go, its room 204"
She felt her face flush even further as she thought to herself, my husband? Well Jack was certainly not her husband, but she had to admit to herself she really loved that he told the hotel manager he was.
Well it was 2:20 in the afternoon, and they planned to meet at 2:30. She thought she was early, but she knew now that he must've been planning something special. The thought gave her chills throughout her entire body, from toes to scalp. She already had her small bag she had packed from home with her, so she went straight to the room. When she walked in, she saw a single rose on the stand with a note, a few candles-already lit, and she glanced at the tub and saw it steaming, full and bubbly.
The note read, "I saw you pull up dear, please enjoy a relaxing bath, I will be back soon with more surprises..."
She thought to herself it was a good thing he wasn't here to see the goofy grin on her face or to see her jump up and practically skip into the bathroom!! She disrobed quickly, barely making an attempt to lay her clothing nicely out of the way. The bath was the perfect temperature with thick, foamy, and decadently-scented bubbles. How did he know how much she loved bubble baths?
She was reclined, relaxed and hardly conscious when the door opened. Jack was carrying a brown paper sack, and a mischievous smile. He gave her a quick wink, and when she opened her mouth to say something, he put a finger to his lips and whispered, "shh, don't say anything, but give me a kiss!"
He leaned down and kissed her deeply, slow and sensuous. How was it possible to feel like she was melting even more? She thought she was already so relaxed from her bath. His kiss took her breath away, and made her heart both skip beats and start racing at the same time.
"Are you hungry?" He asked. Not knowing if she were allowed to speak yet, she merely nodded. She watched him pull out a steaming plastic covered dish, looked to be take out pasta, and he also took out a carton of strawberries and a bottle of wine with two glasses.
He said, " I want to feed you..." She only nodded once again. He took a fork and swirled some pasta onto it and held it to her lips. When she leaned forward, mouth open to bite, he pulled it away and snuck in for another kiss.
"Sorry, I could not resist! Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now? I have a plan to seduce you but I am no longer sure I'll be able to stick to it! I want so badly to take you right now."
He could read the mutual desire in her eyes, she still didn't have to say a word. He could tell from the fresh blush on her face and the slight squint of her eyes, she would let him take her now, later, anytime he wanted. He fed her the pasta and took big sighing breaths as he strained from the hardening he had been experiencing since first laying eyes on her again. He felt incredibly lucky to have found her, and now he was going to treasure and cherish every moment he had with her. He knew their time together was precious.
He poured them both a glass of wine, and opened the strawberries. "Dessert?" he asked.
She finally spoke to him then, a low whisper, "Mmm, I can think of something better..."
That did it, any control he thought over this situation flew out the door.
He grabbed one of the extra large towels from the rack and held out his hand to her. She stood up and reached for his hand. His eyes traveled from her pretty blues eyes slowly down to where her calves were still standing in water. He was barely aware his mouth fell agape as he watched rivulets of water and tiny bubbles travel paths down her curvaceous body. How ridiculous was it to be jealous of bubbles? She looked beautiful with her shy, innocent-yet knowing smile.
Taking her hand and helping her out of the tub, he wrapped the large towel around her. He squeezed her hand and pulled her along with him saying, "Come"
With a slight giggle she breathed, "soon!"
And he smiled at her, he loved their play together. how they could be so hot and humorous at the same time. It didn't get any better than this.
They walked hand in hand over to the king size canopy bed. The candles he lit previously lent a seductive glow to the room and to their skin. She was still wrapped in her towel, but she started to grab the bottom of his henley shirt, asking permission only with her eyes and smile. He let her undress him. Her soft warm hands felt so good on his skin, as she touched him ever so lightly up his sides and down his chest, brushing over his nipples. He knew that she knew what effect attention to them had on him.
He also knew that she was usually not very confident about her body, but she didn't seem to thinking at all about that now as her towel slipped away and she didn't bother to retrieve it. She stood there, naked before him, sexy as hell in the candlelight and still glistening damp skin.
She started to undo his pants next, and he thought to himself, "Damn! I thought I was going to be in control here, but I just can't wait to see what she is going to do next!"
It didn't take him long to find out! While she was still down, after completely removing his jeans and boxers, she took him into her mouth. Just his sucking head at first,swirling lazy circles with her soft tongue, before allowing his entire length to slip slowly into her mouth. What she was going felt good, too good! And he knew he couldn't last long like this!
So he put his hand under her chin, and tilted her face to meet his eyes. He arched one eyebrow and told her with a look that he wasn't going to let her continue, for now.
So she stood up and as she did, he grabbed her hips and quickly lifted, or rather threw her up onto the tall bed. She stared at him wide eyed, not believing he just did that! And also not believing how incredibly turned on she was. Next he slid his hands up her legs, guiding them apart. Jack was pleasantly surprised to discover her little secret, amazed it took him this long to notice.
"Waxed? For me?" he queried.
"Umm hmmm..." Sue replied with another shy blush spreading across her cheeks.
He smiled, honored, last time they were together, he got to shave her himself. He would like to do that again sometime, but seeing and feeling how completely smooth she was now, with still just a bit of hair above, he knew he might like this even more!
There was nothing in this world that could stop him right now from burying his face there. Part of him still wanted to seduce her, pleasure her slowly and take his time, but he couldn't stop the urge to ravish her now. And she hardly looked capable of even wanting to stop. It was easy to see, his tongue sucking nibbling on her clit would very soon send her over the edge already. This was all happening too fast! But he couldn't stop and neither could she! All he had to do was slip one finger deep inside her, and continue the assault with his tongue and she was bucking and moaning her first release of the night. This may not have been what he had planned, but he was still pleased with himself, that he could make her come so fast!
She was breathless, speechless in fact. Her hand was thrown up over her brow as she tried to recover. Her large breasts heaving with her deep breaths, her nipples standing at attention, begging for attention. He crawled up onto the bed, positioning himself over her, kissing ang gently biting her neck, trailing down to her shoulder and headed towards those breasts. He sucked one hardened nipple into his mouth, alternating hard sucks, gentle nibbles and tongue flicks. He could feel her eyes on him, watching. She could feel his hard dick occasionally brushing against her most intimate place. Each time it touched, the air in her lungs escaped her. She felt dizzy with arousal. She wanted him. Badly.
She knew he wanted to tease her, to be in charge of the situation, and she very much wanted to let him. But part of her, the selfish part, wanted her way. Now! And she wanted him inside her. She was glad they had a trust between them that allowed for the kind of raw, uncovered sex they both loved so much. She loved knowing soon, she would be able to feel the pulse of his climax inside her. She loved that during that climax, he would hold still, as deep as possible and let her grind on him, his orgasm triggering her own intense one.
So she arched up the next time his stiffness brushed against opening. She was extremely wet and slick, so it slid in easily. He gave her a look that said she was naughty, and not supposed to have done that yet. She wondered what her punishment would be?
For Jack, it felt so good to be inside her again that there was no way he was going to pull now. This was just their second time together, is that how he was able to forget she felt this good? So wet, and so tight, she gripped him as he thrust himself deeply inside her.
They both soon felt that sweet pressure build between them, a roaring in their heads, flashing in their eyes. Would it be so bad for it to end so soon? Neither had a choice. Intense anticipation, strong desire, and natural chemistry all combined to make holding out impossible.
They came together, just the way they both wanted. It was raw, intense, hot. They lay together, still entwined, sweaty and breathing heavily, but smiling at each other. This time far surpassed both of their expectations, far exceeding the pleasure from their first encounter.
"Dessert?" he murmured.
"Mmm...yeah!" she replied and sneaked out of bed to the bathroom where the strawberries had been abandoned. She came back and with one in hand held it to Jack's lips, let him take a juicy bite and followed it up with a kiss.
He said, "that was, well, unbelievable, but not what I had intended. I planned to seduce you, to stay in control, to..."
"Guess what?" she interrupted. He merely lifted his brow to ask what? "I don't have to home until tomorrow!"

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