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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A Dark Queen (the first time I dominated R)  

12/8/2007 16:23
Posted By:  - SPRINGFIELD, MO  
Date Posted: 12/8/2007 16:23
   This is the letter I wrote to Mr, after dominating my girlfriend, R, for the first time...

When I arrived, I changed into my corset,thigh highs and stilettos.No underwear. I lit all the candles, killed the rest of the lights and put some classical music on.Poured two glasses of wine, and got out the selection of toys I meant to use. I made sure the handcuffs were attached to the bedrails,and awaited her phone call.

I met her at the door with my trench coat over my lingerie, kissed her tenderly and informed her that there would be no more softness after that kiss. She looked a little scared, so I told her if she wanted me to stop, red was the word.
I led her into the apartment, it was dark except for the candles. She tried to talk to me, but I cut her off, and ordered her to kneel on a cushion outside our room, and wait for my command. I went in, took off my coat, replaced it with my robe, and sat on the leather chair, as regal as a queen.

I ordered her to enter, and she did, I made her crawl to me, and kneel before me. I then began asking her how many times she had masturbated while thinking of me, and shaming her for her naughtiness. I allowed her to have some wine, and then ordered her to kiss my shoe. She wanted to pleasure me, but I told her not yet. I stood right in front of her, my wet pussy right in her face, to tease her and torment her.

I then ordered her to stand, and to begin slowly removing her clothing. She did, and as she revealed more of her nude body, I stood and walked around her, appraising her, pinching and caressing her to get her worked up. I slapped her breasts and ass. I then sat back on my "throne" and told her that her punishment would now begin. She was quivering.

I ordered her to lay herself over my knees, and her fine ass was in the air. I caressed her, dipped into her pussy, tasted her juices, and complimented her on her beauty. Then, suddenly, I spanked her hard. Four times. Her ass was blushing a bright red, and I tested her wetness again, she was soaking. She was moaning and writhing on my lap, aching for more. I asked her if she felt she had been punished enough for her wickedness, and she said "No, my queen, I have been very wicked."

So I got my whip, and flogged her a few times. She gasped, and I admired the lash marks on her white skin. I then ordered her to lie down on the bed. The whole time I am being very creative with my words and my whole character has changed into this evil Queen who lives for punishing her slaves. It was so hot. I was so wet and turned on the whole time. I said things about you, calling you her master, and how disappointed you would be in her, etc.

After she lay down, I tenderly caressed her before tying her hands with the rope, and then cuffing her as well. She was surprised to see how helpless she truly was. I took my time exploring her body, tasting her, sucking her nipples, running my fingernails lightly over her. Then I blindfolded her and the fun really began. I lashed her across her breasts with the whip, and then her pussy. I got the wax, and poured it down her body, from between her breasts to the top of her pussy. She howled, but she never asked me to stop.

She was so submissive. I then got the nipple clamps and put them on. She nearly came off the bed, but still she continued to allow me to do it. It turned me on so much to see her in pain and writhing in ecstasy at the same time, and to know I had so much power. Her pussy was dripping, I took some time to suck at her clit, and then I began to tease her. I got her close to a climax, and then I withdrew, making her ache for my touch. I got the butt plug and pushed it into her. I would later find out it was the first time she had had her ass fucked.

I removed the nipple clamps, and then began to fuck her pussy with the green dildo, while sucking her clit. Again, I brought her to the brink, just when she was beginning to clench and climb, and withdrew. I kissed her softly, and told her to wait. I went into the other room, and could hear her whimpering, so close to cumming, but unable to do anything about it. That pleased me.

I got an ice cube out of the fridge, and then traced her body with it, she shivered. I decided to be merciful, so after a few more lashings, I decided I would release her.I got the vibrating egg, pushed the dildo inside her, and fucked her hard. She came screaming, her body was bucking off the bed, and she belonged to me in that moment.

After she had calmed, I gently untied her bonds, kissed her, and we made love several more times, she was hungry to please me. I find out that I had introduced her to many things that night, and she had been pleasured in ways she had never imagined. She also climaxed three times, which she claims is a first. I almost made her squirt. I took great pleasure in dominating and weakening my slave. Nearly as much pleasure as I get from making you my toy, my love.

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