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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Fantasy Dream!  

12/11/2007 20:59
Posted By:  - MENAHGA, MN  
Date Posted: 12/11/2007 20:59
   Fantasy Dream!

I was on the phone making a date with our friends. It worked out that they could host that very night…oh thank God! My pussy was soaking wet, my clit itching for some relief.
I got there right on time…ok..ok..I was about 15 minutes early but I really NEEDED to be fucked! They met me at the door, dressed “sexy casual” which means soft and easy to remove! Her outfit just covered her delectable ass cheeks! His chest was bare and my lips tingled with the thought of nuzzling my face in the hair there! Mmmmm…sweet! They had to know the extent of my need, they led me straight to the bedroom. They both started undressing me. He pulled my shirt slowly over my head, off my arms to reveal the lacy red under wire bra that my breasts were straining to be rid of. His head bent to them, his hands cupping them from below….he suckled first one then the other right through the lace, his hands gently squeezing my tits up and together! Aahhhhh…my breaths were coming faster and more shallow…I could feel the blood rushing to my pussy making it throb with each beat of my heart! She had my jeans off her face nuzzling my clit against my matching red lace panties. I felt her tongue circling my engorged button, the lace making it incredibly sensitive! Mmmhhmm… my moans broke from my throat, a single tear slid unexpectedly from the corner of my eye, increasing their knowledge of my burgeoning lust.
The restraining lace left my body next and I was lowered to my back on the bed. She zoomed in to mouth, suck and flick at my pointed hard nipples, every aureole bump raised. She alternately squeezed each breast and then sucked, laved them…pausing to flick the tight nipples. My boobs had to be producing enough heat to feel feverish! I felt like I was feverish ALL over. He knelt at the end of the bed pressing my legs apart. Oh man here it comes… the best tongue torture ever conceived, I’d been waiting for this!! His eyes had mine locked in his stare. He started by pressing his tongue flat against my clit and pushing on it. “Aahhhh…Oh babe, yes please.. please!” I felt his lips curl up in a smug, tight little grin. His tongue slid slowly, with plenty of pressure, all the way down and curled it’s way into my pussy! He pushed, flicked and kissed his way as far into me as possible…and then he started it all over again...on my clit...sliding down…pushing in…mmmmhhh! My eyes closed, concentrating on my sense of touch. I reached for her head to bring her mouth to my lips. Her lips so soft, lush and excepting. Our kisses were interrupted by my occasional moans; moans that would rush out when his tongue would persistently twirl around my engorged clit stealing my breath. Once his tongue left the increasingly sensitized clit I could resume my mouth work. I wandered my way across her cheek, her jaw and down her neck pausing to nip at her when ever the urge struck ( I loved the little gasp she would offer with each tiny, gentle bite)! I kept going down across her breast bone to her plentiful bosom. Here I lingered… gently mouthing the full side of each breast, circling inward toward her nipples when I reached their glorious peaks I lingered even longer. Sucking with persistence I would bring each nipple and the surrounding tissue as deeply as I could into my mouth, suckling. Now it was her turn to groan. As I continued my mouth/breast work, he stood at the end of the bed. Apparently the foreplay was over…his cock was standing flush against his stomach and had smeared his increasing juices there. He left my legs spread wide, slowly unraveled a condom onto his strong shaft and lowered his fat cock to my wet and willing pussy…pressing just a bit and then retreating..as if testing my readiness. (If I were anymore ready I would’ve already orgasmed!) When my eyes were totally on him and I had uttered a whispered “please…”, he slowly entered me… not stopping until he had reached the back of my vagina. He settled there, not thrusting but leaning forward to capture my breasts again, imitating what I had been doing earlier to his wife’s breasts….pulling in the nipples and surrounding flesh to suckle each one in turn…as he pulled back his wife climbed up beside me and swung one leg over my head…facing him and his attentions swung to her breasts as she lowered her tangy snatch to my mouth. My tongue flattened and slid up so that the tip of my tongue could reach her clit and lightly press on it. Another groan escaped me as he began to pull out.. Stopping with just the tip still inside me then slowly reentering, reaching the end and repeating his moves. I felt another tear slide down my temple into my hair as the pressure of my vaginal walls increased, tightening for the impending orgasm! My hips lifting with each of his slow deep thrusts into me! When he felt the action of my hips he increased the speed of his trusts…not going fast exactly but definitely not the slow ride he’d been giving me. My hands grabbed her hips to pull her tight to me as my tongue went wild on her slippery pussy, sharing my increasing urgency with her! I’d gasp in a breath of air only to let it out as a whimper ..coming first from me, then from her. His steady rhythm had me straining toward an orgasm! He increased the tempo again and that was it ..I screamed my exquisite agony into her wet walls and she answered with a flood of her own nectar! The grand finale came as he came.. with one final deep thrust and a victory yell in the form of a groan!!
(Mmmmmm! I would love a play date with this kind of ending…… Is this my ultimate fantasy?? Not quite ..my husband would be included in my ULTIMATE fantasy..he would be right in the middle of all the best parts; with his groan being the grand finale/victory yell for me! Mrs. MWC)

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