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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Our First Lifestyle Experience:  

1/11/2008 18:31
Date Posted: 1/11/2008 18:31
   We had talked about the possibility of threesomes, and as we discussed it more and more we decided that our trip to Paris this past December would include a lifestyle club. We had been to an off-premise club once before but it was a quiet night and we were way too nervous to talk to anyone. So we agreed to try out a club called L’Overside in Paris. Mrs. LNB put on a sexy jean skirt with black lace around the edges and a sheer black top with knee high “fuck me” boots. We went hoping to find the elusive unicorn for a little girl on girl and if she felt comfortable I would join in.

Before we left the hotel we made some ground rules. No sex with other men and for me I could touch my wife but not other women until we become more comfortable. On the way over we were both excited but definitely a bit nervous about what to expect. After all it is an on-premise club. But we figured at the least we could have sex while others watched and that would satisfy one of our fantasies.

We walk in the club and gave our coats to the coat check. Walked around the corner to the bar where we ordered a round of drinks. We took our drinks to a quiet part of the club to absorb all of the things we were seeing. On the dance floor there were people dancing half naked and women strutting and pole dancing. We sat down real close to each other. You could feel the apprehension but there was a level of excitement and intrigue that we could not explain.

Another couple sat down next to us and began to chat. They wanted to swap with us but the woman only wanted to be with another man and was not in to being with other women. So although they were ready to go we were still a little gun shy. Then in the booth next to us a couple started to do a swap. We were a little shocked as we thought that you could only do that in one of the back rooms. But anything goes in this place as we soon learned.

After a few drinks and a little voyeurism we were on the dance floor when Mrs. Just grabbed my hand and led me to one of the back rooms. She crawled up on to this ledge stuck her beautiful booty in front of me and says “take me now”. Before I could get my pants down the room started filling up with other men. I climbed up on the ledge and thrust my self in to my wife. She arched her back and we started to go at it. Several men at this point started to surround us. I was a little taken by this but my wife was so hot I just could not stop fucking her as these other men started to reach in and touch Mrs. LNB. The more people touched her as I was fucking her the more she stared to moan and lose herself in the act. And it was so hot I could not believe how turned on I was by this.

Another man climbed up on the ledge with his pants down and his cock out. He was masturbating next to my wife’s face. He was shaking his cock and his other hand was on her breast. She had another man grabbing her other breast and then she started to cum. She started moaning louder than I had ever heard before. Her excitement was too much for me to handle and I stared to climax myself. As she got louder the pressure in my cock grew. Then with a giant thrust I came harder than I had in years. And from the sound and feel of it my wife came pretty hard as well. I felt my whole body shudder. I pulled out of her and pulled up my pants and helped her off the ledge.

Our hearts were still racing as we looked at each other realizing the not only did we have sex in a public place but we did it with others watching, and touching, and masturbating to our public act. We both went to clean up and met back at the bar. We were both so invigorated, we both felt so alive, and we were still both very horny.

We sat down near the dance floor and started making out like teenagers. The difference being I was pulling her top down in front of everyone. Playing with her breasts in front of the whole crowd. Pulling them licking them, worshiping them. She pulled up her skirt and started rubbing herself. We were ready to go back and do it again. This time it was a little different; we had met an attractive single man named Benoit. We had been hanging out off and on throughout the evening. One of our rules were no single men. But after our public display he came up to us and asked if we would make love for him. How could we say no? The three of us walked to the back and found an empty room.

This time the pressure was on. We were going to actually perform for someone. We stood there looking at each other and we were about to start kissing when Benoit asked us if he could touch my wife and kiss her breasts. Although this was crossing the line Mrs. LNB looked at me for approval and I took her in my arms and told her that if she thinks she would enjoy him playing with her it would be okay with me. She turned to him and nodded her head. He reached up to her breasts and pulled down her top and started to kiss her breasts in front of me. All I could think of was how hot this was. Watching my wife get pleasure from another man was more of a turn on that I could have ever imagined. This in many ways was a more public act that our previous sex show. In the other room it was dark and she could not see everything that was going on around her. Now, she could see this stranger touching her, kissing her. I could see her arousal but then something happened, more and more men started coming in to the room in almost an aggressive manner. At that point I saw fear in my beautiful wife’s face. I knew she was done and that it was too much for one evening. So we said goodnight to Benoit and left the club.

We got back to the hotel and our adrenalin was still pumping. We almost did not make it to the room as we were pulling on each other. We flopped down on the bed and fucked each other for another two hours before we passed out naked on top of the covers. It was close to 7AM at this point. About two hours later, the housekeeper came in the room and quickly shut the door apologizing (I guess I forgot to put the do not disturb sign on the door.) But it did not matter, Mrs. LNB was completely out and at that point I was too tired to care.

We definitely tested our boundaries with each other. And we learned that we were much more comfortable with the lifestyle than we had ever imagined. We also learned how letting go and sharing was a huge turn on. We have since embraced the lifestyle and are looking forward to many more adventures.

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