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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   My fantasy booty call  

1/25/2008 13:01
Posted By:  - BUENA PARK, CA  
Date Posted: 1/25/2008 13:01

I have to preface this: I wrote this Wednesday morning ...

Kevin and I had sex this morning. And it was good, as always!

We finished our little session and we got up and were discussing how my body reacts to different things at different times, I think just like any other woman. Kevin saw that this morning my body did not react to the slow passionate caresses and lovemaking. It only responded to fucking, pure and simple sex.

Seeing as it was early in the morning, I put on my fuzzy cozy robe and went back to the kitchen, and Kevin told me to "Be ready for later." I thought, Yay! He will text me later and say "Come home" and then I will walk in the door to find him waiting for me and taking me into the bedroom, or in the kitchen, or bending me over the couch and just thrusting his hard cock into my unsuspecting pussy and just fucking me and cumming inside me and then sending me back to the office. I tingled.

But Kevin took it a step further: He told me to be waiting at 7:30, naked and ready (bathed and shaved) on the bed, with the tie downs.

During the day, Kevin put up a bOOty call, telling all to look at his blog for the day. I read it, and let my mind go to all kinds of places. Who would respond? Who will be there? What does he have planned? I guess that I will find out later, sigh.

Kevin went to the gym about 4ish and while he was there, he was sending me text messages. Really hot sexy ones, along the lines of: “I have an amazing image of you naked, blindfolded and bound, and at mercy …” and “the soft fur clasping your wrists and ankles …” and the hottest of them all: “happily captured … eagerly mine”. He had me at that one! I think I had an orgasm with that one!

Is it 5 yet? Time to go home yet? Chit! Only 4:30, grrrrrr … will this day ever end?

Fast forward to this morning, Thursday. OMG! The sensations, the smells, the unknowing, the sex, AMAZING ... SIMPLY AMAZING! Let me tell you all about it.

I finally got to close the office at 5 and went home to prepare myself for the evening. The house was dark and Kevin was at the gym, so I would have some quiet time to have a nice relaxing bubble bath. I started the water almost immediately and I was getting more and more excited, thinking about what was ahead for me.

While I was in the tub, Kevin came home from the gym and came in to give me a couple of quick kisses and told me to take my time and enjoy. I did. I closed my eyes and imagined who might have texted him saying that they would be there at our place by 7:30 and what they would do to me, lol. Then I found myself thinking, what if no one came? Then it would be just Kevin and me and what did he have in store for me? Ohhhhh the not knowing! It can make you totally crazy! lol

I did my shaving, legs, underarms, pussy, paying close attention that there were no nubs or nicks ~ just smooth freshly shaven skin. I finished and put on a red silky gown and went to figure out something to eat. We decided that we had not thought about dinner, so it would be every one for themselves! Leftovers work just right sometimes, don't they?

We watched a little TV while eating and then I knew it was time to start getting ready. I went into the bathroom and began. Lotion... lots of it. Soft skin is so important, isn't it? I thought how nice it was to be a female. To be able to use these kinds of things. I lotioned every part of my body: legs, ass, arms, back (what I could reach), then tummy and finally my breasts. Wow, I have nice breasts I thought. Dr Adams did a great job and I really like them.

I had to get the bedroom ready. I had put fresh sheets on the bed and made it up earlier in the day. All I had to do now was take off the pillows and pull the sheets down and make sure the tie downs were in the right place. Not bad time wise either, it was 7:15ish and I still had time for a cigarette and to try and relax a little.

I searched and searched but could not find my cigarette case! OMG! Not a good sign, lol. Oh well ... I was better off without them. Finally, found them! Kevin told me that they were on the coffee table. Ahhhhh, better now. OMG! I forgot to douche! That is important in a situation like this! Everything needs to be clean and fresh right? Inside and out! Kevin was in the bedroom, checking that the tie-downs were attached firmly to the head and foot boards. He left the room by 7:27, closing the door behind him. I was ready. I placed the tie downs on the bed in what I thought would be a likely location and sat there calming myself. At precisely 7:30, I put my blindfold on and laid down, arms and legs outstretched, ready to be secured.

I lay there hearing in the background ever so lightly, the music from the living room. I had selected one of the digital music stations, adult alternative music, which we have recently discovered and we really like. My eyes were closed and I was thinking of so many possibilities. I could hear sounds in the kitchen, not quite sure what they were though. I would find out soon enough, right? ;)

Then I heard the door open. I felt the tie downs being adjusted. I felt tingles all over. A light brushing of a hand. Hmmmmmm. My beating heart felt like it was about to explode inside my chest! Then I hear Kevin tell me that my blindfold is on wrong, the fur goes on the inside. Oh great I thought. That is going to bother me and my hands are tied and I won't be able to scratch. Nope, that did not happen. I sat up and fixed the blindfold.

As I was blindfolded, we indulged ourselves with a little herb, which always makes sex a little hotter. Kevin moved me to kneel, facing the foot of the bed and he secured my hands behind me. Bound, blindfolded and not knowing what was going to happen, I heard the click of the camera. Pictures .. lots of them. On my knees bound and blindfolded. Then moved onto my back and spread open, and bound again. Who was there? Who was watching? Did I look too fat? Oh man, I hope the pictures turn out!

As I lay there, I wondered what would be next. I felt something and I did not quite know what it was. It was light and soft and almost feathery feeling. The feeling reminded me of a woman’s light finger tip touch, just barely using her fingers over my body, close enough to create a ‘wind” effect but far enough away to tease. Light touches over my face, neck, arms and breasts, whatever it was twirling around my hard erect nipples, rousing my senses. Here it cums .. ahhhh, that orgasm felt great!

Then, I felt that same light feeling down my belly and finally against my pussy. Oh my god, will this ever end? I knew that I was dying and was on my way to meet my maker! But darn it, I was going up there happy, well fucked and with a smile on my face! The feeling of the light feathery feeling on my pussy was exhilarating! My lips swelled and throbbed, as the substance was passed lightly touching me. The passing over became more intense, I was able to figure out that it was feathers. Sigh. Soft, light, delicate against my steamy hot swollen pussy. Here’s another one!

About that time I was thinking to myself that my mouth was dry and something to drink or even an ice cube would be nice. Without my asking, Kevin told me to open my mouth. First there was the taste of ginger ale. He wetted my lips with it. It was refreshing. Then he told me to open my mouth and again, I did as I was told. This time he filled my mouth with the same flavor. Yum, ginger ale. Or at least I thought it was. I swallowed the delightfully light flavor.

I felt a cold liquid coating my body. My neck, breasts, tummy. It was cool and welcome. It felt like water being rubbed over my body. My nipples, which were already sensitive, were fully aware of every sensation that could be imagined. There was a faint smell in the air, something I was unsure of, but it was exceedingly pleasant.

Then I felt a mouth. I instantly knew that it was Kevin’s. I think that if you are in one with your spouse, significant other, life partner, soul mate, nothing escapes you. Their touch, in any form, is one of those forms. His lips lightly pressing over my body, starting at my neck … slowly, deliberately, yet tenderly working his way to my breasts, licking the cold liquid off my left breast, making sure he did not miss one area of skin. As a result, oh no … here cums another one! OY! He went to the right one with the same dedication and devotion. And guess what? Surprise! Another orgasm! Sheesh, I am easy! Lol

As I lay there, reveling in my own feelings, Kevin gets up from the bed. I was thinking of the possibilities of who or what may be next. Still bound and blindfolded, I was hyper alert to everything, or at least it seemed that way to me. Kevin came back in and laid a warm wet towel over me, wiping my body. The warmth of the towel was an amazing contrast to the cold liquid from a few moments earlier.

A quick couple of puffs of a cigarette and some time to regroup was what I needed and again, there he was, it was like he was reading my mind. Still bound and blindfolded, Kevin told me to breathe in. I did and inhaled the smoke he blew into my mouth.

I felt something cold, light and foamy. I could smell it. Whipped cream ... the ultimate sex food, lol. The whipped cream was sprayed on my breasts and then slowly licked off, paying close attention to the nipples after the whipped cream was gone. I think there was another orgasm there, one of many more to cum.

I was untied and allowed to remove my blindfold, but was told to stay still and keep my eyes closed, which I did.

I was told to open my mouth and bite, but not completely through. I had no self-control and bit completely, luckily it was not a body part! lol. Whatever I had bitten was taken out of my mouth and it was tried again. “Put your teeth into it, but do not bite through and just hold it in your mouth." This time I did as I was told. It was hard, yet soft. Had a pleasant consistency to it and I was enjoying the taste. After a minute or so, I was told that I could chew and swallow. Yummy, it was a peach. And I figured that the cold wet liquid was peach juice and what I had thought was an ice cube, was actually a slice of peach. It was heaven! I thought my pussy was going to explode.

My pussy ached … it really wanted and needed some attention. I could feel that the lips were swollen and I was wet. I felt the peach being brushed lightly against them. Oh God! It was soft, cold, and the skin of the peach was like velvet against my hot, swollen pussy lips. Kevin rubbed the peach along my slit, teasing me, taunting my pussy to beg for more. And I did not disappoint. I needed more! Much more! ! ( I will never look at a peach the same way again, lmao.) With that, Kevin used that peach, opening my lips and pressing it against my swollen clit, rubbing it harder and harder, making me more and more frantic. Is he ever going to fuck me with it? I wanted it in my pussy! I wanted him to fuck my cunt with that soft, cold, fuzzy skinned slice of peach! Oh no … not again! Another explosive orgasm! I really need to learn how to control these things!

Then Kevin worked his magic, again. Building my pussy to an ache that needed to be dulled. He placed his mouth on my pussy. He has the most magical tongue I have ever had the pleasure to experience. As told by a lover recently, "he knows how to build you up". Amen sista! ;)

He swirled his tongue around my clit, teasing my pussy lips. He mouth felt so cool and soft against my hard throbbing slit and I pushed myself into his face harder and harder. I built up to an orgasm and moaned. Ahhhhhhhh that's it! Oh my God! This is heaven! He then used his hand and started playing with my swollen pussy, teasing it again with a finger. Not lube needed for this! His finger just slid right into my pussy, which tightened around his finger. It felt soooooo wonderful. His finger fucking my pussy. Another orgasm! Sheesh, it's tough being easy sometimes, lol, but someone has to do it!

I could feel his breath near my clit while his finger was actively fucking me and I grabbed ass, spreading it open. I had to have it! I had to! "Please put your finger in my ass and keep the other one in my pussy, please!" Kevin was more than happy to oblige me. Talk about ecstasy! That felt so good! He pumped both fingers and kept his mouth close to and sometimes licking my slit. I could not help but push into his hand, making him fuck my ass and pussy with his fingers. Don't stop! That feels sooo good! Oh no! Here comes another one! That one almost did me in! But in true slut form, I knew that I need a cock! Either in my mouth, or pussy or ass. I just had to have it.

Now it was his turn. He lay on his back, grabbed the whipped cream and generously applied whipped cream to his cock (which was rock hard) and his balls. I had no idea where to start! I love sucking and licking! I used my tongue to tease his cock with the whipped cream, spreading it over the entire length of the shaft and his balls. Then I could not resist any longer, I needed a cock! I started at his balls, licking and sucking the cream and flicking his balls with my tongue, taking each in my mouth and sucking it. Then I ran my tongue up the length of his cock, the underside, the sides the head.

I took his cock in my mouth, holding the shaft with my hand, tightly. Licking the light foam off the head of his cock made him push into me a little. I loosened the grip on his cock so that I might be able to suck further down his hard shaft. His cock was tasting so good, the combination of his natural scent and the whipped cream. I could not help myself, I buried my face in his balls! I rubbed them all over my face and used my tongue to caress each one. I sucked and licked and made love to them. From the base of his cock up to the head, I ran my tongue the underside then down each side, fearing that I had missed a spot. He had to have his cock deep in my throat. I took him in as deep as I could and stopped ... holding my mouth tightly against his cock.

He took my head in his hands and began to thrust himself into my mouth, all the while I held fast, not letting go of his glorious cock. He pumped his cock and fucked my mouth. Oh heaven! Yes, I have finally died and gone to heaven! I loosened my grip and came up for air, knowing that I could not let my mouth off his cock. I held it tightly in my hand while I sucked him. At first, just the head, then a little further down and further till he was fully engulfed by my mouth again. God, as much as I love pussy, I love cock! I felt so alive and so totally female and I wanted him so badly!

It was time though that I had his cock inside me. I needed to feel him fucking me. He took his rock hard cock away from me! How rude! Kevin rolled me onto my back, and spread my legs open, and he entered me, after teasing the opening of my wet cunt with the head of his cock. His cock was rock hard but the soft skin was like silk as he entered me. Ahhhhhhh, here I go (or cum) again! Just him entering made me cum and I had to have more. Kevin pushed himself in me, as deep as he could go. He laid on top of me, holding me, making love to me. I think I like this position the best: being under him, looking at his chest, his arms, his face. Seeing the pleasure that he is feeling, knowing that I am feeling the same thing. Sharing the love between us. Slowly he goes in and out and makes me cum again. I pulled up my legs up to his armpits and held myself there. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder ... he possesses my entire being. I have died and gone to heaven!

One of Kevin’s favorite positions to fuck me is doggy. He loves to look at my ass, to feel it slap against his belly, grab my ass cheeks and spread them open. When he entered me, I almost flew across the bed! He was so fucking hard! And it felt like his cock was a foot long! Oh my God! I moved myself back into him and he continued thrusting his cock in and out of me. He played with my ass, a couple of quick smacks, one on each cheek, and here I go (or cum) again! Mercy!

As much as I was enjoying his taking me, it still was hurting me. He was almost too hard. We decided that it was time that he got a little respite from moving. Kevin lay on the bed and I grabbed his cock, put my mouth to it for a few brief moments. I tasted the combination of him and my juices … tasty! Lol

I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. God, he is still so hard! And he fills my pussy so nicely. He is a perfect fit for me. I use what I call the “frog position” (I don’t know what it’s really called, lol). I placed my feet on the bed and rode him like there was no tomorrow! He lay back with his hands behind his head, allowing me to fuck him. His eyes were closed and he had this smile on his face that told me he truly liked it! Even though this is one of my personal favorite positions, I can’t last long with it, it just feels too good! Here’s comes another one …. Oy!

We fucked again doggy and found that I was still too sensitive for it, so Kevin took me missionary and then on our sides. He was so hard and so excited and wanted me so badly! What a turn on for me! He could not stop fucking me! But my body was getting to the point where it could not be fucked anymore.

Kevin rose from the bed and stood by the side and held his cock in his hand. I knew that Kevin needed to cum and I needed to pay homage to his manhood. I lay on my back, with my head at the edge of the bed and with his cock and balls in my face. I alternated between his cock and his balls, licking, sucking, holding his cock tightly in my hands, and using my saliva to work his cock with my hands. Running my hands up and down his cock, holding it in my hands, and sucking his balls.

As I was sucking and licking his balls, he moved my hands and grabbed his cock and started stroking it. I so fucking love when a man strokes his cock in front of me! It is a totally turn on for me. They know (just as us ladies so) what feels good, what works, what he needs right at the precise moment. As Kevin stroked his cock, I played with his balls with one hand and with the other; I stroked my pussy, which was exhausted!

I sensed Kevin’s breathing getting heavier and his grip on his cock getting stronger. I continued to suck and lick on his balls as he masturbated. I was waiting … rather impatiently I might add, to feel him explode all over me. I did not have to wait too much longer. I hear him moan and groan and feel his body start to tremble. I suck and lick harder on his balls … then in an instant … all his hot, thick cum was spewing on my body. I started rubbing it in, all over my breasts and tummy. He kept pumping his cock, making sure that all his cum landed on me. He finally stopped cumming and stood over me, while I continued to rub his juices on me.

After all our fucking and love making, we both collapsed! DUH! I however was having a difficult time calming down. My senses and body were at full awareness and I knew that I needed to relax. He had sated me … filled me beyond completion and then some. I figured I had better shower before going to sleep for the night, but I just could not bring myself to wash his cum (or our entire evening) off my body. So, I curled up in the blankets, beside the man that constantly rocks my world, and drifted off to sleep reminiscing of the day. And yes, I woke up the next morning knowing I had been well fucked.

Although Kevin did not need the help, don’t you wish you had answered his bOOty call?

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