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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Collegiate Fun  

2/5/2008 21:14
Posted By:  - LAGUNA BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 21:14
   Most early sex experiences were end goal oriented and a bit rapid in terms of going from 0 to 60 mph. My girlfriends and I were mostly guided by bad Cosmo articles and the lore of the LA campus scene....there was plenty of eye candy and many hot bodies but sensuality seemed less present than SEX....

I had one experience that reset my expectations and my libido. I had a crush on a fraternity jock from my hometown that was at UCLA and fantastic to look at and a great dancer...great dancer seemed our only leading indicator...so I was always thoughtful when I saw him out and about. He was social and fun but never seemed to go for it depsite having girls all around him...we wondered...what was his deal??

The one evening...he offered to walk me home after a night of beers around the world. Iwas was in typical garb...beach shorts and one of those awful sweater tops that showed my breasts as best as any knit could...atrocious but hot at the time in my mind... as we walked towards my home I was bravely venturing with my questioning..."you are so hot" "in high school you wer emy dream date"..he seemed embarassed but fed my thoughts....flash forward we were in front of his apartment...so I asked...whats your deal, why no hard moves? He laughed and said to come in...I headed in...and to my surorise there was a 30 year old sexy blond women...his "friend". I later learned he was a boytoy...and after 2 drinks she asked if I wanted P and I said yes...next thing I know she tells P to kiss me...the night moves on and before long I am naked on his floor...being tongued to total bliss while the Mrs watches and coaches...she never touched me, only whispered questons and suggestions...the evening ended with me getting taken from behid...long and hard staring as the beautiful "lady" masturbated under her skirt and I watched...it was a crazy evening. She kissed me goodnight, P asked that I never say a work and other than my man J I haven't until now....so I share it..any other hot college expereinces from others?
Looking now I laugh as 30 was so NOT old and he was so hot...had I been open and a littel more mature I am sure I would have repeated and really explored FMF fun.

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