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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Happy Valentines!!  

2/14/2008 09:38
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 2/14/2008 09:38
   Looking out the window, he couldn't believe how much the snow was piling up. A now record winter accumulation was both a curse and blessing in his mind. He loved the snow but this made travelling a challenge and hoped that todays weather wouldn't keep him from seeing his "Valentine".

His mind was working overtime again, trying to come up with just the right mix of naughty and nice to make this a special day for them both. So many ideas and angles for where to go with this he thought. Finally after a few moments, his plan came together in his mind.

Looking through his clothes, he found just the perfect attire. Smiling wide, he knew she would be surprised with the new cologne choice as well. The chocalates, bottle of wine and the roses were all set aside where they wouldn't be forgotten. A few hours yet to kill, he decided to tease her with quick email to her work, reminding her that soon enough they would meet again. As usual, they brought about the desired effect.

Finally the time came where he had to leave to get to her place. The snow still coming down hard, he had to leave earlier to make sure he wouldn't be late. The drive although more challenging, was a thing of beauty. The snow sculpting itself nicely to the landscape. Oh, but the time would come soon enough and this all will be gone, he thought to himself.

Getting close, he decided to send her a devilish text. Always the tease, he loved to keep her on the edge. Finally he found himself pulling up to her front door. Taking a moment to compose himself, he collected "most" of his gear and trudged to the door. Seeing it open, he caught her smiling a radiant smile. He knew they both had looked so forward to this night. Closing the door behind him, he handed her the roses and moved closer to give her the long awaited kiss. After a few moments, she turned to walk away to put the roses in a vace. Gazing upon her, he couldn't help but admire her assets. He loved to meet her but enjoyed seeing her walk away as well,being the assman that he was. So many things about this beauty that he truly enjoyed and this being his favorite.

Uncorking the bottle of wine, he poured the glasses and a toast soon followed. Once again, they moved closer, reaching out, he grasped the glass from her. Putting it down on the counter, he pulled her tight against himself. Smelling her fragrance, and enjoying her womanly curves he was truly happy for being there at the moment. Feeling her heat, he held her close for a few moments. Stepping back just a bit, he found himself seeking out her sensual lips once again. Pressing tight, the sensuality soon found itself becoming more erotic. Extending his tounge out, they soon found themselves becoming more passionate. Using his strong yet gentle hands he found himself rubbing her shoulders and neck all the while kissing her all the more passionately.

Breaking free for a moment, he told her how much he wanted her. Saying that, he reminded her that they night was young and it was now time for her to relax. He indicated earlier that he was doing the cooking and planning for this evening. With that, he sent about to create the meal, leaving her in charge of the music.

The aroma of the kitchen soon found its way to the rest of the house. He loved looking over and watching her relax with the glass of wine in her hands. He music choices were so fitting and in no time flat the dinner was done. Clinking glasses in Valentines toast, he winked at her and said " to a great lady, a great meal and soon to be great "memories".

Consumming her favorite meal. They finally finished up the orgasmic delicacies. Moving to the couch, he once again move to kiss her once more. They both loved this art felt that it was oh so overlooked by many. Making out to them was more than just kissing, it was foreplay as well as a learning experience. Looking into her eyes, he loved seeing them twinkle. He felt so relaxed being there and yet it was becoming ever increasily hard to not deviate from the "plan". A few more minutes of kissing , it became even more passionate and almost frantic. Backing off from her a bit, he told her that he had a surprise for her. Looking at him in question, the answer would soon become clear.

Getting up off the couch, he grabbed his coat and walked back outside. Opening his truck, he reached behind the seat and grabbed his favorite possession. Carrying it inside, he saw her smiled broadly, knowing what was in store for her. Asking her to throw a couple sheets and towels in the drier for a couple minutes, he went to the bedroom to set up.

Unfolding the table, he knew she was in need for this pleasure. She most certainly loved receiving massages and the feel of his strong hands upon her sensitive skin. He loved giving them, it was in his nature to give and this was one of his favorite activities. Moving to the laundry, he grabbed the sheets and towels and carrying them along with his oils and the music, he began to set up. After a few moments, he called to her that he was ready. Seeing her walk in, he had a tough decision. Should he help her undress, or should he allow her some privacy and to get under the sheets herself??? He loved the sensuality and teasing of undressing this sexy lady but this time, he wanted to be more "professional". Asking her to remove her clothes and get under the sheets, he went on telling her he had a couple things he needed to do until she was ready. She gave him a questioning look, knowing what sort of things he might be up to.

Closing the door behind him, he made a trip to his coat. Little did she know but he had tucked away a couple goodies to be used for this massage. They had discussed a couple things before and until now, they were just fantasies. Removing his jeans and dress shirt, he moved back to her bedroom. Knocking on the door, he asked if she was ready. Hearing her reply that she was, he slowly entered. Seeing her face down under the warm sheet, he couldnt help but admire her womanly curves. Tucking his "props" under the table, be began with the massage. Warming oils between his palms, he began at her feet. Working the oils in slowly and gently, he knew how she loved the massages to go. He had given her a couple in the past and had a very good feel for her body,her high tension areas, and her most sensitive errogenous zones. Using different techniques on her feet and legs, he found himself pressing the sheet up higher, exposing her bottom. Seeing her spread her legs wider, he smirked knowing that she probably didnt even realize that she did that. Moving closer to her v, the teasing began. Closer and closer yet far enough away to get the desired effect. He vowed to make this massage memorable and just frustrating enough for her.

Placing the sheet back down over her buttocks, he moved to her neck. Working the knots out of her shoulders and neck, he loved the look that was before him. The sheet covering her left just enough to the imagination, yet he knew every square inch of her womanly body. Bending down, he gently blew into her ear, surprising her. Almost as quick he kissed her sensitive neck, then speaking to her softly..."roll over slowly".

Helping her roll over, he caught a glimpse of her succulent breasts. Knowing how sensitive they were, he couldn't wait to add the warm oils to them. Looking into her eyes, he asked if she remembered their talk of 2 weeks ago. Not knowing what he was asking, she looked at him questioning. Reaching down under the table, he grasped the blindfold. Bringing it up to eye level, he teasingly twirled it around his fingers. Seeing her smile and blushing that innocent semi shy blush, he knew this was going to overload her. Asking her if she was ok with this, he heard a soft "yes sir". Moving it to her eyes, he found himself covering them with the blindfold. Laying her head back in place. The games were just beginning.

Moving to the foot of the table, he once again sound himself working on her legs and calves. Adding more of the fragrant oils, he loved the smoothness of her body. Enjoying every inch of it, he found himself becoming semi aroused just touching this sexy lady. Pressing higher and higher he was surprised to hear a soft moan. He could tell from how her body was reacting that she was enjoying this pampering. Teasing the sheet higher, her saw how excited she truly was becoming. Stopping for a second, he moved to the head of the table.
Bending down, he once again whispered into her ear. "do you trust me"? Seeing her shake her head yes, he then asked. "Do you remmeber what else we discussed two weeks ago?????" Seeing her body quiver slightly, he knew she remembered. He whispered once again, "then we shall proceed, dear".

Reaching under the table, he found the next items to be used. Looking at them for a moment, he decided to go for the feet first. Adjusting them a bit wider, he placed the restraints around her ankles. Making them just a bit tighter, he secured them to the legs of the table. Watching for her reactions, he saw just exactly what he figured he would see. Moving to the head of the table. He grasped first her right arm and eventually her left grasping them gently before placing them inside the loops. Securing them in the same fashion as the legs, he was happy with the result. Looking once again at her upon the table in that condition, he hoped this was doing to her what it was by now doing to him. He felt himself tenting against his boxers and no doubt producing the first signs of wetness.

Moving to her mouth, he kissed her for a moment, pulling away at the moment he saw her try to extend her tounge out to meet his. Aaking her if she was ready for more, he once again heard her in a soft voice utter, "yes sir".

Moving to her shoulders, he rubbed them for a few more moments before pressing the sheet lower, exposing her breasts. Taking a moment to warm the oils between his palms. He first extending his tounge to flick the ever erect nipples. Seeing her flinch, he began to circle her aeriolas with his lips, alternative from the left to the right. Stopping for a moment, he moved his warm hands upon them. Grasping them gently, he began to knead them ever more firmly. Working them in the way he knew she enjoyed, he gazed down at her seeing her reacting nicely to his minstrations.After a few minutes of this, he knew her had her to the point where it was time to stop. Pulling the sheet back over her top half, he moved to the foot of the table. Slowly he extended out his tounge, flicking a trail slowly up her calves and legs, he moved ever closer to her pleasure center. Pushing the sheet up higher , he exposed her sweetness. Seeing her try to press against his tounge, he backed off, teasing her even more. Placing his hands against her hips, he moved closer taking a moment to gaze upon his target. Blowing a gentle breath against her mons, he saw her react and after seeing her moisture , knew she was ready. Placing the tip of his tounge against her lips, he flicked it a few times. Beginning to circle her netherlips, he was so close to the "spot" yet far away to keep her wanting more. Relentless he continued the assault on her, hearing moans emit from her mouth. Finally he stopped right upon the spot and after a few seconds began to circle it and then flick it in the way that he knew always made her cum hard. Back and forth gentlely in short stokes he savored her charms. Hearing her moans and seeing her body react inspired him all the more. Extending a finger, he slowly worked it inside her tight slot. Slowly pressing it into her, he moved it in deeper until he found the SPOT. Getting the immediate reaction that he grew to love, he pressed higher and back, thrusting his digit against her spongey spot. FLicking back and forth upon her clit, he also extended his free hand to work once again on her erect nipples. Trying to totally overload her senses, he was accomplishing his goal. Seeing, hearing and knowing she was almost there inspired him even more. Continuing to lick the ever flowing juices, he savored her sweetness. Feeling the table shake, he held on tight to her throughout the release. Being so quiet throughout, she became frantic and loud finally. He loved hearing her roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hearing her announce that she was cumming, he hoped for it to be huge. With her body shaking, and producing more necter, he continued to lap it up til she announced that he needed to stop. She was overloaded.

Standing up on shaky legs, he moved to her mouth, kissing her passionately, allowing her to taste herself on his lips. Finally pulling away from her he said, "how's that for starters??".

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