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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The once fantasy has long become reality  

3/6/2008 10:36
Posted By:  - GENEVA, IL  
Date Posted: 3/6/2008 10:36
   Well, it starts like this.... Hubby and I are out for a few cocktails and come across an attractive well built woman who happens to be by herself. Knowing that she is alone I invite her to join us for a drink. She is dressed to die for as am I. We compliment each others looks, figures and outfits. We are both turned on by the way each of us are dressed and continually gaze and flirt with one another. This leads to moving to sit closer to each other which then leads to flirtatiously touching each other in all the right spots. This continues to evolve throughout the evening to the point of no longer trying to hide our attraction to eachother. The whole time the topic of conversation becomes much more open and erotic, but comfortable to the point of finally asking her to come by the house for a few drinks.

She accepts with pleasure and a way we go. After getting home and a cocktail or two we move downstairs to our private room. Upon entering we can't keep our hands off of each other. Of course the room is outfitted for just this type of activity which makes it more arousing. In the room sits a queen size bed, 42" big screen TV w/cable and all the accessories. Oh, did I forget?, it is the same room that I keep all my sexy outfits and sex toys. I put some music on and we dance and flirt a bit, rubbing each other with our bodies. Our nipples getting harder and we are both extremely turned on. Before you know it her and I have managed to undress each other and are rolling around on the bed. As our clothes are now completely off, we begin pleasuring each other as only women can do. She is so hot. Hubby is sitting back enjoying the show. Knowing he is watching only fuels my passion to the point of getting me so turned on and wet that I want to explode so he can really see how turned on another women truly turns me on and how turned on I am able to make another woman. By this time her and I have erupted in multiple orgasms and have decided to bring him into our erotic fun by first, both of us giving him head at the same time. After getting him good and hard, like he wasn't already, we sit straddling his cock with our legs over lapping with our pussy's
touching and his cock right in the middle. This sends him over the edge like I have never seen him cum before. We don't waste a drop. During a short breather I asked her if she would like to feel his cock inside of her? To which she quickly
answers yes. As he is now sitting on the couch, she positions herself straddling his legs sitting facing me. I take his cock in my hand and guide it inside of her as she slowly takes it in. While still having his cock in my hand I lick her off of his cock and slide it back in once again. I think you get the picture. Would you care to fill in the rest?

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