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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Written by a Single Female we met about her first experience with us  

3/10/2008 12:45
Date Posted: 3/10/2008 12:45
   This is a true story written by and about a single female that had her first couple and bisexual female experience with us.

The snow was falling heavily. Covering their hair with quickly melting caps. Except for him. He shaved his head, as well as the rest of his very muscular physique. Thor was a lucky man tonight to be in the company of not one but two exceptionally beautiful women. Anderson, a tall, slender, blue eyed blonde who shared a similar Nordic appearance with him, a similarity that made Sheila’s beauty all the more exotic and striking. She had large brown eyes and golden brown hair. Her small tightly muscled frame was smooth and tanned and she oozed a sexuality that was irresistible to both sexes.

The lemon martini’s were going down very easily as Anderson listened to Thor tell the story of how he and Sheila had met many years before. Theirs was a story of true love and passion and she envied them. Fortunately for her they enjoyed sharing their passion with others. As Anderson bobbed in the center of the warm hot tub half way between these two intoxicating individuals she wondered which one she wanted to taste the most. Thor had the epitome of the male physique but more importantly to her he had the self-confidence and intelligence to stimulate her mind. Sheila was a perfect mixture of human sensuality and mystique, both strong and vulnerable at the same time. While she had experienced things that Anderson may never know she had a softness that made her approachable. And approach her she did. Anderson had never kissed a woman before but as she moved forward through the warm water toward her it felt as natural as if she had done it a thousand times before. She slowed as their lips met. She wanted to remember everything about this moment. How soft and full her lips were, how sweet she tasted, how she responded to the small flick of a tongue. All these things meant something to Anderson. Were women as easy to read as men? She doubted it. She had become good at reading men. They were far from simple but their needs and wants were generally easy to predict. Being a woman herself she knew this would not likely be the case. The many thoughts that filled her mind at that moment soon became lost in her own desire as she moved to kiss her neck. She was not sure until this moment if she was capable of what she was about to do. She had always thought women were beautiful but until now had not really given consideration to a sexual attraction to them. The heat she felt building between her legs told her what her mind was not sure of. She was ready.

Anderson was starting to shiver. She was not cold. She was nervous. She was excited. She moved her hand down from Sheila’s shoulder to come to rest on her perfect breast. Firm with erect nipples, Sheila had the breasts of a 20 year old. Anderson knew that she would not likely be so lucky again. The small purr that came from Sheila made her giggle. Not a funny laugh, just a release of the tension that was building inside her. She moved back up to kiss her lips as she felt a strong arm encircle her waist and a hard cock press against her ass. She leaned her head back against his shoulder as he kissed her neck. He slid his hand up to her breast as he whispered, “let’s go inside”.

They climbed from the tub and ran into the warm house. They wrapped themselves in towels and rubbed each other down until they stopped shivering. There was a comfortable bed in the lower level of the house that they all moved onto. Anderson moved over Sheila and began to kiss her. She began on her mouth and moved down to her neck and chest. As she reached her pert nipple she hesitated, again wanting to savor every moment and sensation of this new experience. She let her tongue move slowly over the outer edge of her nipple as she began to slowly run circles around it. She tasted sweet. Anderson had done this to men before and was quite surprised by the difference in taste and texture. Sheila was soft and welcoming, Anderson wanted more. After a moment she moved down further to her firm flat belly. She had not noticed before that Sheila had a pierced navel but as she reached it with her tongue she could see why men went so crazy over them. Anderson was now a jumble of nerves and anticipation. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to taste her. She had always liked the way her own juices tasted on the mouths and cocks of her lovers and wondered if other women tasted as good. The thought made her wet instantly. Moving slowly lower to her goal she was not really aware of anything else around her and as her tongue grazed the top of her shaved slit she became oblivious to the world. Her only focus was the new sensations she was feeling. As she began to slowly explore each fold with her tongue she found new reason to be happy she had followed her impulse to meet this beautiful couple. She did not know if she brought pleasure to Sheila with what she was doing, she hoped that she did, but at that moment she felt honored to be given the opportunity to experience this with her.

Anderson’s rapture was vaguely interrupted by whispers. She glanced up momentarily to see Thor position himself over Sheila’s head as he lowered his rock hard cock to her lips. As Anderson watched his manhood partially disappear inside Sheila’s waiting mouth her excitement mounted. Again, a new experience for her, she had seen people do this in movies before but this was real. Momentarily transfixed by what she was seeing, she was getting hotter by the second. She began to taste Sheila on her tongue and it drew her attention back to what she was doing. She tasted great, like herself, just different. It was now becoming difficult to focus on one thing. She was enjoying what she was seeing as well as what she was tasting. Sheila looked down and asked, “Do you want to help?”

Anderson did not need any more encouragement than that. She loved to suck cock and was not going to pass up the opportunity to get this fat one in her mouth! She moved up until she was lying next to Sheila. She reached out with her tongue to get a taste of both Sheila’s mouth and Thor’s cock at the same time. She had imagined doing this before but reality had proved so much hotter! They began to take turns taking him into their mouths. Anderson was not sure if she had taken control of this activity by choice or if the control was given to her but she did not care as she found his beautiful cock was all hers temporarily. He moved onto his back as she repositioned herself between his legs. He had a great cock, not too long but nice and thick. She was not worried about whether it would fit in her mouth; she knew it would. After a moment of finding the right angle to get the deepest penetration into her throat she began to suck him in earnest. As far as she could get him in, she took him. She knew he would cum in her throat and she couldn’t wait. She could feel him start to throb and as he began to thrust up into her mouth she knew he was ready. Just a few more strokes and he exploded his load into her hungry mouth.

The three of them lay together for a few minutes just enjoying the feel of each other’s closeness. After a while Thor was ready to go again. Sheila had been waiting for him.
“Fuck me.” She whispered to him. He did as she asked, easing himself into her waiting, wet pussy. Anderson watched again in rapt fascination as another act was performed in front of her that she had never seen in person. Watching Sheila beneath him, enjoying his thrusting cock so much made her want to please her too. She leaned over and took one of Sheila’s erect nipples in her mouth. She sucked gently as she ran her tongue over her flesh. She was so beautiful. Sheila began to moan with pleasure. Her voice was so sexy. Not a typical female voice, it was exotic and distinct, it appealed to everyone. Thor knew her well and brought her quickly to the release she had been seeking. As her climax washed over her, Anderson looked up to see the look of contentment and love that passed between them.

“Fuck her now”. Sheila said to Thor. With all her lithe femininity Sheila also had a strong dominant personality. Anderson could tell she liked to be in charge. Thor moved Anderson onto her back and spread her legs. He rubbed the head of his hard cock, still slick with sheila’s juices, up and down her slit. Her pussy was very wet already from what she had experienced and the anticipation of what was to come. This first touch from him was almost enough to send her over the edge. She was eager to feel him inside her as she started to squirm a bit in order to encourage him in. He wanted to tease her more, to make her beg but his own desire was growing and he could wait no longer. He entered her slowly as he looked down at her. She wanted to return his look, and she tried, but as the sensation spread through her she closed her eyes and let herself get lost in it. He began to move in and out of her faster and faster and while it felt very good, Sheila knew what she really wanted.
“Fuck her from behind”. She said. Thor stopped and turned Anderson over onto her knees. Her head on the pillow and ass in the air, this is the way she liked it. Thor knelt behind her and eased his cock inside her once again. Anderson moaned with pleasure as he penetrated deep inside her.
“Fuck her hard”. Sheila told him as he began to pick up speed. Anderson was moaning louder with each stroke as she felt her orgasm building. As it peaked and began to spread through her she felt Thor’s cock throb as he pumped his hot cum into her. As they slowed and began to relax he leaned forward and whispered to her,
“Ride’s over.” And they all laughed together.

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