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Are you seeking Pelion, South Carolina swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   An unexpected DP :-)  

3/13/2008 18:25
Posted By:  - PELION, SC  
Date Posted: 3/13/2008 18:25
   My husband and I were out at a bar in Augusta a few months ago during "First Friday." We were just hanging at the bar listening to the band and having a drink. Not long after we arrived there two hot young Army guys approached the stools next to me and one of them asked if they were taken. I said no and invited him to have a seat. He introduced himself as John and then started a conversation with me. I don't think the knew that my husband was the man on the next stool.

We chatted for a moment and he introduced his friend Ron who also took an immediate interest in me. They both started flirting and I flirted back a bit and then introduced them to my husband.

I think they were a bit dissapointed at that point but I quickly asked John to dance with me and that broke the ice. I knew my husband approved because when John asked if it was alright he said "yes, have fun" and patted me on the ass as John escorted me to the dance floor.

It was a slow sexy song and while we were dancing I worked him into the center of the crowd where we wouldn't be seen. After a little more small talk I could tell that John was enjoying the feel of my body next to him. He whispered how good I felt and I started grinding my pussy against his leg as we danced.

He quickly got the picture and started grinding back and squeezing my ass as we danced. I could feel his young cock getting hard against my mound and reached downd discreetly and gave it a good squeeze. It immediately got harder and I could tell that he was well hung even through his jeans. My pussy started to quiver as I fantasized about what might happen and the possibility of having that handsome young stud ramming his cock deep in my pussy.

I looked over to the bar and saw my husband smiling at me and talking with Ron and I knew he was telling him that we were swingers and that I liked to fuck young Army guys because the Ron was smiling too and nodding his head as he looked over at his friend and I dancing. I moved John around the floor a bit so that my husband could get a better view as John started feeling my breast through my top as I continued to stroke his cock through his jeans.

I got an approving wink from my husband and I knew what he wanted me to do and it made me flush knowing that I might soon be fucking both of these hot young guys while my husband watched.

After a few more drinks and sexy dances with both of them amd let them know exactly what I wanted. Then my husband suggested that we get a room at the hotel downtown and have some fun.

They both jumped at the chance and we left and met in the parking lot of the hotel. While my husband went and got the room I stayed outside in the back seat of our car with the two young soldiers and started "warming them up."

I let them feel me up and Ron lifted my top and was sucking my breast as the John was kissing me. I felt his hand running up my thigh and I parted my legs as he moved up my skirt and slid my panties to one side and started finger fucking me right there in the parking lot. I was cumming in seconds thinking about what was about to happen and at the same time turned on thinking that someone might walk up and see us. I unzipped both of their jeans and started stroking them both as got they got rock hard and then sucked on Ron's cock as John continued to pump my pussy with his fingers.

In about 10 minutes my husband showed up with the key to the room and we all went in. I didn't waste any time as I started kissing John and stroking his cock. My husband nodded to Ron and in a flash he was behind me pulling up my skirt and pulling down my panties. I felt his tongue on my ass an inside my thighs and I spread my legs to give him better access. At the same time John was slipping his fingers in my now very wet pussy.

We played like that for a few minutes as my husband broke out the video camera that he had in the car and then I dragged them both with me to the bed.

We were all out of our clothes in seconds and I sat on the side of the bed with two of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen standing at attention right in front of my face. I grabbed them both at once and then took turns sucking on them. They were both rock hard and my pussy was dripping at the thought of fucking them both. John's cock was VERY thick and about eight inches long and Ron's was even longer but not quite as thick.

Ron pushed me back on the bed and filled my mouth with his cock while John spread my legs and started licking and sucking my pussy. I came in seconds as he licked my swollen clit and then it was just a wave of one orgasm after another as he ate my pussy and licked my ass until I had soaked his face and the edge of the bed.

I had to have a cock inside me! So I pulled John up and grabbed his big hard cock and placed the head against my pussy and spread my lips. He rammed it so deep in me with his first stroke, he actually hit the back of my pussy. His thick cock filled every bit of my pussy as his shaft spread my pussy lips wide open. I could feel the tip of his cock grinding against that sweet spot deep inside me as his swollen head spread me like I had never been spread before. When I felt that I screamed and started cumming while at the same time I was still sucking Ron. His cock muffled my moans as I took him deep in my throat and squeezed his balls.

This was too much for Ron and he shot so much cum in my mouth and down my throat that I couldn't swallow it fast enough (it was a giant "load"). Some was dripping out the side of my mouth but I licked him clean as John kept me cumming over and over with his long fat cock. After I finished milking the last of Ron's cum I flipped John over and started riding him slowly so that he wouldn't cum too fast. His cock was so thick and delicious and by being on top I could take him even deeper. He thrust up against me as I slid down all the way to his balls. They were slapping against my ass as my breast bounced up and down in his face.
I had never cum so hard and couldn't stop. I rode him as he stretched my pussy lips wide and I was really enjoying the ride.

Then I felt Ron's finger playing with my ass hole. He slipped it in my pussy with Johns cock to get it lubricated and then started circling my taint with it. That really made me crazy. He tickled it a bit and then slid it in and was finger fucking my ass as John was thrusting his cock in my pussy. I could feel them both rubbing together and then suddenly Ron spread my ass cheeks and was lubricating his cock. He put the head of it against my ass hole and I heard him ask John if he was ready and John said "stick it in" (they had done this before LOL).

I almost fainted as I felt Rons long thin cock slip easily into my ass and start grinding against Johns cock in my pussy. They double fucked me like that for about 15 minutes until both of them couldn't take it anymore and almost simultaniously shot their hot loads in my pussy and ass. It was beyound description how good that felt. I could feel John's thick cock get even thicker and harder as he began to twitch and moan. I could feel each spurt of his hot cum as it erupted from the base of his cock and then splatter against the back of my pussy.

I screamend and jerked and came all over them as Ron started screaming "I'm cumming" and if felt his hot jism filling my ass. We all convulsed in orgasm for a long time as I milked ever drop of cum from both of their wonderful cocks and then collapsed on Johns sweaty chest. It felt so deliciously wicked being naked between two strange men with their spent cocks dripping cum from my pussy and ass.

I looke over at my husband who was grinning ear to ear and stroking his cock as he video taped every minute until their limp cocks finally slid out of my soaking wet holes.

After we rested a bit, they both fucked me again as I sucked the other one and each of them filled my pussy with their delicious hot cum once again before we finally finished.

After they left my husband couldn't wait to fuck my swollen and VERY wet pussy with his huge rock hard cock. He had already cum once while watching me fuck but the excitement had him "up" and ready for more. We "bonded" in one last long orgasm of the night.

When we watched the video back a few nights later, I quit counting the times those boys made me cum at about fifty. That was the best night of fucking I ever had and just watching it made me so hot that I fucked my husband three times until he couldn't cum anymore.

I would love to repeat that experience again sometime soon. So if there are any hot and hung young men out there with a hot hot body and a hot buddy (I love military men) who wants to fuck a very attractive and horny 40 year old, let us know.

Drop us an email at NOT ALLOWED and tell us a bit about yourself and your experiences. Send a few g-rated photos and any "others" you think I would like as well. I am VERY selective though. I don't get to "play" often and when I do, I want it to be great!

We live near Augusta, GA but spend most of our weekends at the nudist park near Columbia, SC. Weekends are best for us but we are able to meet early evenings during the week. We look forward to hearing from you. I am already wet in anticipation of my next adventure.



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