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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   One of hottest stories I have ever read.  

3/27/2008 11:24
Posted By:  - DENVER, CO  
Date Posted: 3/27/2008 11:24
   I did not write the following scene. I found it on a web page http://www.richards-realm.com/stories/files/fuckingm.txt.

OH MY GOODNESS it got a reaction out of me. Jesus!

I have two of my security staff bring you to my office. The look on your face
expresses your anger at being removed from the club in this manner.

You are wearing a short red dress, black nylons and high heels. You look
completely fuckable - and you know it.

The two security staff stand behind you with their arms folded.

My office has a view over the dance floor and I pretend that something in the
club has caught my attention before I swing back round in my chair to face you.

"I'm sorry to have to do this to you Miss...."

You don't reply, but look at me with contempt.

"Well then..." I begin "...if you don't want to talk we'll do away with the
formalities. Bend her over the desk and hold her down!"

You struggle as the two muscular males pull you forward and force you down over
my desk. As you are held in position I get to my feet and move behind you.

"Mmmmmmm great ass!" I moan, stroking my hand over your firm rounded backside.

"FUCK YOU!" You scream. "LET ME GO!"

"No-one will hear you" I calmly explain "This is a busy, loud nightclub and I
think it will be better for you if you try to co-operate."

I stroke my hand down the back of your thighs and discover your lacy stocking
tops. "Mmmmmmmmmm! Expecting some action later?" I tease.

I pull up the back of your slutty short dress, exposing your sexy underwear:
skimpy red panties with black lace trim. I eagerly grope your ass and caress
your thighs before taking hold of your panties and tearing them clean off with
one hard tug.

You quickly clamp your legs together in an effort to protect yourself, but the
soft, supple, flesh of your upper thighs is easily parted to expose your timid

"Mmmmmmm! Look at that!" Getting down on my knees I closely examine your neatly
trimmed pussy, kneading your ass cheeks in my hands and then spreading them
wide. With your sex just inches from my face the temptation to eat you out right
now is so strong but I resist for the moment, choosing to wait until you are
wet and excited and longing to be tongued. Instead I force your legs apart and
handcuff each ankle to the table leg, ensuring you cannot kick out.

"There!" I say getting to my feet "I think it's time for your punishment"

"Please!" You whimper, "I've not done anything wrong"

I slap you ass hard. "Shut up you little cock-teaser! You will speak when spoken
to and that is all. Otherwise I will have Owen and Brad here slap you around"

I remove my thick leather belt and wrap one end tightly around my fist.

"I'm gonna enjoy this" I tell you. "Ok boys! Hold the bitch down tight."

You flinch and cry out in pain when the first lash catches you high on the
inside of your thigh just below your pussy. Before you have the chance to
recover I swing the belt again, catching you cleanly across both buttocks.
Knowing you are helpless and completely at my mercy excites me greatly and as I
draw back my arm to deliver another lash I feel my dick throbbing hard in my

"You're such a little cock-teaser" I tell you. "That's why you need to be

"SMACK!!" The leather strikes across the very bottom of your buttocks and the
tops of your thighs.

"Oh God!" You groan deeply.

"...Punished and fucked hard like cheap whore!"

"SMACK!!" The next lash strikes the very top of both your thighs.

"Ohhhhh! God!" You repeat again.

As I draw my arm back once more you lift your ass in the air, anticipating and
welcoming the next stroke of my belt.

I continue with your punishment. After every stroke you keenly raise your ass
higher and tilt your hips a little more to feel the leather striking across your
cunt. Knowing I have broken you fills me with almost overwhelming sexual
excitement. My face, neck and chest are flushed red and I can already feel pre
cum oozing from the tip of my throbbing erection. Getting down on my knees
behind you I smell your arousal and groan at the sight of your slick pussy lips.

"Ooooooh! You horny lil slut!" I pant.

Taking the very tip of the belt I spank your sweaty pubic mound.

Your body jolts and you whimper with pleasure-pain. I treat you to another lash
and then another. Each time your pussy becomes more and more wet; your labia
more swollen; your cunt now only too ready and willing to be fucked.

"Ohhh yes!" I announce, "we have a real horny slut here."

Getting to my feet I unfasten my pants and quickly release my aching dick.

"Beg to be fucked you little slut!" I tell you, spanking your ass hard.

"Oh God!" You whimper, "Fuck me!"

"BEG ME YOU LITTLE WHORE!" I shout at you, slapping your bright red buttocks.

"Ohhh Please! Please! Fuck me!" You groan, "Fuck me hard!"

Holding the base of my cock I rub the head back and forth along your wet slit
before plunging deep between your gaping pussy lips.

"OHHH YES!!" You scream as I take hold of your hips and begin pounding your wet
cunt hard and fast.

"OHHHH FUCK!" I curse as your warm cunt pleasures my dick. "YOU HORNY LITTLE

"YES! OH YES!" You yell "FUCK ME!"


"FUCK! YESSSSSSS!!" You confess.

I feel you cunt muscles squeezing my rigid shaft, trying to pull me deeper and
deeper inside you while your juices soak my balls.

Grabbing you by the hair I pull you up off the desk, making you arch your back
and stick out your chest. Reaching round I pull down the front of your dress
exposing your naked breasts. Owen and Brad immediately lower their heads and
begin sucking greedily on your erect nipples.

"OHHHHH! GOD!" You scream. "I'M CUMMING!"


I bang you hard against the desk as I fuck you "TAKE IT YOU FUCKING COCK

Suddenly unable to control my own desire any longer my hips buck violently and
my cock explodes inside you.


Brad, Owen and I struggle to keep you in place as your whole body jerks wildly
and you scream in ecstasy.

Gripping the sides of my desk I stand firm and let your movement pleasure my


To my great delight you grind yourself back onto me, milking my cock for every
drop of cum while I enjoy the view.

Eventually, once you are sure you have completely satisfied me, you drop back
down over my desk exhausted.

That 1 Sexy Girl

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