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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

4/1/2008 03:07
Posted By:  - PONCA CITY, OK  
Date Posted: 4/1/2008 03:07
   My husband informs me that one day next week, he will not be specific, he has something special planned for me that will be unforgettable. No matter how many times I ask him what it is, even when my mouth is around his shaft and he is
about to explode, he will not tell me what it is, shit! It is driving me nuts. I double checked our calendar for that week trying desperately to figure out what day he had planned. It was pretty open, the only thing set in stone was the meeting with our banker. Days went by and finally I demanded what was up. He said he was sorry, what he had planned did not work out and proceeded to make love to me like never before.

We were running a bit late for our meeting with the banker, just about to pull out of the driveway. He stops the car and says we need to go back into the house. Confused, and somewhat
pissed off, we go back into the house. He said that he talked to the banker and had moved the meeting to next week, he then assures me that if at any time I was uncomfortable and wanted to stop to just let him know and he would. I was to say the least perplexed, he said today is THAT day and lead me downstairs to our bedroom.

As we descended the stairs the room was engulfed with the aroma of scented oils, dimly light with countless candles and our favorite piano classics cd playing in the background. I could barely make out the figure of someone sitting in
a chair just beyond the dim candlelight. The only means of determining the gender of the stranger was the bouquet of feminine perfume. He again reassured me that at any time I was not comfortable or wanted things to stop, he would.

Somewhat scared but yet at the same time yearning to indulge, unknown pleasures awaited. The last thing I remember seeing for the next several hours were many of the silk ties that
loved for him to wear. He gently placed one, then a second covering my eyes, I could no longer see which only heightened my remaining senses Then he slowly proceeded to remove, one by one, my clothing, all the while seductively teasing me with brushes of fingers. All that remained were my panties and bra, I almost said stop, but was unable to speak due to the excitement which enveloped my being. As my bra hit the floor, his tongue electrified my nipple, but to my dismay just for a second. I felt his hand rubbing outside my shaved clit. My drenched panties hit the floor as he placed me face down on our massage table. For what seemed like hours he kneaded all anxiety out of my body all the while barely brushing my erogenous. I was instructed to raise my ass while he lavished
it with his tongue into orgasm after orgasm. Before I could even recover he resumed caressing my body. At that point I could not even had told you if is was day or night and had completely forgotten about the stranger until, I felt
the sensation of four hands and twenty fingers titillating my body. As they turned me over I attempted to remove the blindfold desperately wanting to see the stranger. He grasped my hand and the next thing I remember was being on
my back. I was unable to move as the silk ties were restricting my limbs. Again wanting to say stop, the only thing that found my lips was his tongue passionately kissing me, again he comforted me and reminded me that all I needed to do was to say stop.

Endlessly they massaged every inch of my body, my body shuttered time after time without them even touching the wetness which pooled on the table, then their tongues replaced their hands, when I thought I could take no more, I felt one
on my pussy and one in my ass, as he entered me she was devastating my clit, oh my, I have to stop here and find my husband, Iím going nuts I need some now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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