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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   One of my favorite fantasies come true  

4/23/2008 17:15
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 4/23/2008 17:15
   Since our very first adventure in the lifestyle, David and I have really made use of our very creative imaginations. As I have been very fortunate to have a man that really enjoys me acting as slutty as possible, many of our fantasies involve me and multiple partners.

This particular fantasy started when I decided to go to the topless beach area at our hotel's pool. David was at a business meeting and I had a couple of hours to myself. It was quite entertaining and when I went back to the room to wait for David I was deep in fantasy (with the help of my trusty vibrator) when he walked in the room.

A few more minutes, with my man watching and I had quite an orgasm. “What brought that on” he asked. So I told him about all the flirting poolside, the innuendos and outright advances and that it made me fantasize about pretending to be available and just let myself completely go wild, be the queen slut I fantasize about. That got his motor revved and we decided that we could go to dinner a little later.

Six months later, David comes in from work and tells me we have to go to Vegas again to meet one of his investors. He hands me our tickets and I notice that I leave on Friday and he leaves early Saturday morning. Curious, I approach him with tickets in hand and ask what’s up.

David leans back from his desk, puts his hands behind his head and smiles. “here’s your chance, I want you to have 24 hours to live a sluts dream. I want you to fuck as many people as you can or want to, be a porn star, pick up couples, anything you want to do before I get there. Then, Saturday night you can do it some more, but with me there as well.”

“You’re serious” I asked. Yep, let me help you go pick out some outfits to take”, he responded. I know had 3 days to start dreaming up just how naughty I planned to be.

After my short flight from LA, I checked into my room about noon but lunch was the furthest thing from my mind. I had brought a bottle of champagne from home so I set it chilling and decided to slip on my bathing suit. I pulled out my new g string, see through when wet bikini, grabbed my beach bag and robe and headed to the topless pool. I picked a lounge chair next to a well built young man in his late 20’s. No wedding ring, and no obvious signs of having a companion with him.
I ordered a drink and begin applying lotion slowly, making sure he could see and taking time to move my hands under my bikini bottom, lingering on my clit. Sitting up I took my top off and bean putting lotion on my shoulders. He took the bait and asked if I needed help with my back. I smiled and thanked him, handing him the lotion. He gently rubbed the lotion, trying to discreetly to not be too obvious with getting near my ass.

He handed me the lotion, but I gave it right back and stretched out on my back. He just stared at my breasts and couldn’t think of anything to say so he motioned with his hands to ask me if I wanted him to continue. At his first touch, my nipples where erect and so was he. I decided to play him a little more and we talked, working our way to being more provocative, when I just sprang on him. I leaned over his head, gently rubbing my nipples across his chest and asked him, “are you going to ever ask me if I want to fuck”. Then I got up, without putting my top on, slipped on the robe and gathered my things.
He was beside me in a second, asking if we should go to his room. I said lets go to mine, I might want to use some toys. Five minutes later, we were in my room and he asked if I wanted a drink. “Nope, I want to suck your cock, suck you till you are close and tease you, make you so ready to cum that when you do I won’t be able to keep it all in my mouth”. I succeeded and 10 minutes later, he has filled my mouth with a huge load of sperm.

I lay him back on the bed, and straddle him, taking my vibrator and rubbing it up and down my very wet cunt. The show works and in minutes he is rock hard. I tease the top of his head for a second, then slide down on top. For the next hour, we fuck in almost every position we can think of. The last time, I sense he is about to cum again and I pull him up towards my face, letting him shoot on my mouth, cheek and chin.

After cleaning up, I tell him I’m meeting friends later for dinner, but maybe I’ll see him around the casino. I shower and decide to go and scout out my next victim(s) It’s not even 5 yet, so no need to get dressed up. In fact, I want to see if I can find a group of people that seem social and lively that I can make friends and work my way in to not dinning alone. Jeans, a pair of just over the knee boots and a great halter top and I’m off to the races.
As I prowl around the blackjack tables, I see a group of guys that all seem to be old friends. There is a seat open so I sit down, buy some chips and go for broke. They are there for a bachelor party. Five guys, including the groom to be and only one other in the group was married. When I lean in to place my chips, I know they are staring down my halter and liking the view.

The ring leader asked me if I was with anyone and I told them it was just little old me. He then got the nerve up and asked if I was a “pro”. I started laughing, told him no and pulled his head close to my lips and whispered, “I just like to come here and fuck and I going to go to dinner and find some guys who are up for it.” The best man turns to his friends and asks “whose hungry?” We slip away for some dinner and I just start building the anticipation by telling them about having done porn (still a fantasy) and being a swinger and just an absolute slut. Finally, the moment comes and I lay it out. “I want to be gang banged, dp’d, bukaked and everything else I can think of. If they are brave enough, they can meet me in my room in 15 minutes.

I stand up, look at their wide eyed stairs, dropped jaws and leave the table. Racing back to the room, I begin to think, what if they show up. Can I go through with it? Almost as if summoned, my cell phone rings and it is David. “How’s it going” he asks. I tell him about the afternoon and that know I’m about to get gang banged, but not sure if I can go through with it.
“Are you crazy” he asks, “how many guys”. Five, but one is about to get married so he may just watch.””Do you want to do it, cause I’m totally cool with it and can’t wait till tomorrow.” He said.

“Okay, I’m going for it, I am going to fuck them all night “ I told him. “Just take some pictures, even video if you want. I can’t wait to see it” David said.
By that time, I’m back in the room. I take my clothes off, put on this hot leather bustier that really shows off my tits. I perfectly shaved, but I go and apply some skin softener and pull my thigh boots back on. I pour myself some scotch (makes me think of my hubby and I wait for the knock at the door) There are six guys there, not five and they introduce their late arrival who just flew in.
I invite them in and they came as good guests, bringing various bottles of tequila and vodka. I had made a decision that I was going to be very wild. I decided I would let them do anything they wanted as long as it wasn’t potty games or hard core S & M. They all poured drinks and tried to start talking non shalantly, waiting for me to begin.

So here’s what I want boys. I want cock, I want cum and I want a lot of it. The groom to be surprised me and knelt in front of me and began tonguing my clit. I started to back towards the bed, his hands clinging to my ass as he guided me backwards. With his head still between my legs, I sit back on the bed , leaning back but not all of the way. In seconds, one of the others had stripped down and was holding on to the largest cock I had ever seen. Another had begun to cup my breasts and suck my nipples. I reached for the undressed cock and drew it to my mouth. Starting at the head and working my tongue in strong, probing strokes as it thrust in and out of my mouth.

It became difficult to concentrate and Tom, the groom began sucking my clit so hard that my eyes rolled back uncontrollably. I could tell that the new guy had my digital camera and was taking pictures of me with that huge cock in my mouth. “Tell me if you want me to cum he started crying” and I said “not yet”.
“I want you all worked up so your first load is to give me a complete facial. I want my face and tits covered with cum. “ With that, I couldn’t hold back from the tonguing on my clit and I gave in to the waves of climax. I stretched out all the way on the bed with five guys kneeling around me, stroking the cocks with fury. Mr. Big Cock had moved south and was probing the lips of my pussy, waiting to thrust it up inside me.

Carl, the only black guy in the group had his cock in my mouth and I could tell by his pace and throbbing he was close to bursting. “Is someone taking pictures” I mumbled and looking up I could see one of the guys stroking with one had an working the camera with the other. Seconds later, Carl bathed my face in a thick load of cum. As if on cue, to of the others were cuming on my tongue and lips. 3 down and three to go. Tom pulled out of my cunt and leaned forward to spray his wad on my tits. It was not disappointing. The last two, Mr Groom and the camera man were busy trying to catch up. Dan, the groom arched his back and coated my forehead and some of my hair. The cameraman just couldn’t get there, so I told him he needed to start fucking me.

With cum still covering my face, he spread my legs and pushed my knees back to my head and began pounding me. The others caught their breath and waited for their turn. Over the next hour, I fucked all six of them and lost count of my orgasms.
We decided to take a break, and let me clean up a bit. After a few drinks, they could resist to begin fingering me and probing my ass. I kept moving back and forth from one cock to another in my mouth and I was almost ready.
I laid Tom with his monster cock back on the bed, and reached into my nightstand to pull out some lube. I handed it to Carl and said “do you know what to do with this?” He laughed and said he had a good idea.

As I mounted Tom, I told the groom I wanted good pictures of this, so don’t let me down. Carl began applying the lube to my already wet ass and then asked me if I was ready. I worked my hips up and Down on Toms cock and told Carl yes. He wasted no time and gently slide his dic into my ass.

I love being doubled, but I have never had a doubles gang bang. I kept this up for over an hour, letting everyone have a chance and keeping a cock in my mouth most of the time as well. Only Tom didn’t get a chance to ass bang me as I just could take him, even as loose as I know was.

By this time, the sheets were soaked with cum and the cameras digital card was filled up. I had been fucked more in the last three hours than in the last three months total. I was worn out, but satisfied.

We all had a night cap and I told the boys I had to pick my hubby up at the airport in the morning which left them all speechless. I said maybe we will look for you guys again tomorrow and I’ll see if I can take seven. But that’s for the next chapter.

Mrs TexEx

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